Lyrics: Nonso – Over and Out

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You see they call me nonso
Spit fire ‘sango’

[verse 1-nonso]
They say if you wan blow you gats go chop bomb
I’m still so cool under the hot sun
My guys like dey wanna see me go up
And then imma come down like say na frog jump
See sometimes i dey act like say i get bar
Buh dey see thru white shirt and red bra
I said this little of mine is gonna shine
But take it off like say na nepa
And i’m like..

Po,po,po i’m knocking on the door –
Open your heart to me its all i’m asking for –
I’ve done shows all around
I’ve been for a while,its nonso i’m over and out
I’m over and out

See i never ever ever wanna be peasant please
If it means making money every season please
Let me be the one to be pleasing please
No one at the top if it isnt me
It isn’t me so..

[verse 2-nonso]
Charlie see a guy like me is hard to come by
Anywhere i go the babes dem wan die
Money too much ts all for one guy
And music jus dey spread like fungi
Started from the bottom now we dey space
I don dey ball so much dey call me jj
Now dem dey lol dey used to kk
And i’m jus taking a shot like ak

See me standing her i’m knocking at your door
Take me as i am there’lld be nothing less or more
That’s why i want you to know
Ild be killing every show
I’m forever yours they call me nonso
‘Over and out!’

[Repeat chorus]

[techno-mix down]

[Repeat chorus]

· · ·


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