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[Intro: OK baby my name is O.S I don’t know why they call me O.S..] [SHOUT OUT]

My hommies don’t believe me they’ll be like am I a Jesus
We are married to the street there will never be a divorce
We are not the suspect but yet they still accuse us
Of getting much money while broke ass are getting nervous

Let bygone be bygone to me its time to buy gun
Certified bad guy the just dey count on
Sailing on the sea pirate loading off his canon
Eagle on my sight so I zoom more than a canon
I’m a rap king never great me with your cap on
I’m not so little so you don’t liken me to falcon
I give a hard time to mosquitoes when I’m with baygon

Love in detention – hate in freedom
May street be done on earth and continue in thy kingdom
I rule the wise with lies to me that is just wisdom
She wants a wedding ring so I offered her a ring worm

[I’m giving her a ring worm baby. Hehehe. She wants a wedding ring ok baby my name is O.S alright T-Rod let’s go]

Amma take your coin even thou I’m not a ceaser
She said she doesn’t love me that’s the reason why I diss her
Her friends says to me O.S you really piss
What do I care cos I now hate her

I mind what I say cos what I say is from my mind
I’m this golden boy don’t kidnap me for a mine
Nowhere to run but plenty places to hide
Cos I killed the line, that’s a deadline

Money and love really what a bad combo
If it ain’t about money what’s the essence of the convo
Money is the mover of success its like a turbo
When I get enough money I’ll buy my girl a condo

In Miami, Mon Ami you need one you should hola mi
How much do you have in the bank that you wanna wire me
You never employed me so really you can not fire
Life is not twitter really you don’t have to follow me

You get you get the thing I’m saying I just hope you get
I’m trying to study myself but I just forgot the subject
I love you girl you better be wise and baby don’t reject
For better for wore I’ll only stay with you when it’s best

Experience is an exam I swear I’ll pass it to my kids
Follow the right path it doesn’t have to be my leads
Deeds in love and the love indeed
Is what out for your brother when there’s no need

What is going on life is really getting bad
Cousin kiss a cousin
Nephew kiss a nephew
Brother kill a brother
Sister sell a sister – this is going out of order just the other day my cousin really got me hard

[Phone Rings: yeah who’s this yeah Hey Mr. Paypal Jamaal hehehe how you doing hmm sorry I’m on a freestyle session right now I’m gonna call you back when I’m done Ok. Yeah.. Hehehehe yeah na wah o na wah for this person wey call me sef no no no no don’t cut it listen listen]

Don’t cut the beat cos O.S I am still banging
I love polygamy but I hate women when they’re nagging
When they say to me O.S you’re still sagging hehehe…. No lagging

Courage is the girl I picked her up and I approach her
The more that I try the hard it get to arouse her
The end is at hand so I amputate that nigga
If hating is a ring put it in my middle finger

Hahah put it in my middle finger baby if hating is a ring… Alright


You see in life we all gat floors but I’ve just got to make mine German…. German floor noni.. Alright my name is O.S baby I’ve got more for you in the cooler

[SHOUT OUT] Peace I’m out Nigga.. O.S baby.

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  • Nice punchlines and word play, wishing u the best

    hacerules October 17, 2013 3:28 pm

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