Lyrics: Oga Sir – Over Sabi

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Dem no dey tell person!
Una go learn lesson!
Oga Sir, Achacha!
They Don’t know LyriCal4Ces!

You no sabi, you no sabi how Oga dey pop Bottles/ I nor fit hammer Lil
Kesh make I no Cause Trouble?/ Dem wan sabi how I take dey colorful/ All
of you sti dey wonder wetin Oga wan come do?/
How I take get 4 Bundle/ Wey I carry pay the bills for una wey chop
knuckle?/ Dem wan wabi how I take dey cross Hurdles/ Omo! forward ever
backward never, we dey burn Throttle/
As we dey happy, with all the young Couples online, small time now, the
marriage don crumble/ Meanwhile, the girl dey cause trouble cos you no
wan hustle but if Rain fall, you wan cuddle/
Hahahaha see no go burst Bottle/ Chook person pikin o! Olopa go come for
you/ You no understand? me wey dey caution you, person wey come fumble?
na #Oversabi

You No Sabi, You No Sabi; They Don’t Know!

You no sabi, you no sabi, Ke akpan iko/ I can’t tell whether na Girl,
whether na Ino/ But akpan iko, na love I carry come/ Like Lybra I’m a
Libra, I no be Capricorn/
E be like say dem no sabi, na Lag me born/ For Akwa-Ibom dem dey call me
Amanisong/ But wetin you sabi? Hehehe You no sabi? #Oversabi
you no sabi you no sabi, I be my daddy’s son/ I be that one thing
original under the Sun/ Do make dem sabi say na me get this afiong/ Am
done with Imabong now am on Affiong/

Dem no sabi Wetin I carry come/ Dem dey find who carry Gun, dem say am
the one?/ If you no sabi, Omo! guy shun/ Me I no dey carry Gun nigga I
be timed Bomb.

You No Sabi, You No Sabi; They Don’t Know!
Tell Dem! Clear Dem!! Make Dem Know!!!

You no sabi, you no sabi? Roll verse 3/ Make dem know, nothing wey I put
above family/ All these yoes sabi, say I no sabi/ Sabi yoe wey sabi any
of my own padi/
Abeg abeg I no sabi/ Abeg! I no sabi/ #Oversabi I no sabi, I no sabi
Roger me/ As a player, I be cheat even for the Konami/
Nobody wey no sabi/ Nobody nobody no worry nobody oro like me/ Nobody
wey no sabi/ Hahahaha abeg! no worry nobody oro like me/
E be like say you no sabi, Me I no randy/ Gimme consent now make I no go
E be like say you no sabi/ Nobody nobody no worry nobody oro like me.

You No Sabi, You No Sabi; They Don’t Know!

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