Lyrics: Olamide – The Game ft. Phenom

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the game needs me.
Can’t leave Rap alone the Game needs Me. (2x)

(verse 1) – Olamide.
Eruku, maka naki,
gals carry my matter for head like darling yaki.
Won lo ti pe ti mo tin hustle,tin mo tin grind.
Won lo ma underrate mi,but mi okin mind,
am getting money tho’, mi oba won so oyinbo.
The place wey me I wan leave dem dey hurry go.
Me i kill evrywhere, no be only for me zone,
All these boys they be comedians like funny bone.
Emi ni stephen keshi,emi l’oga ade.
Mo ma je oju gbgbo yin bi ti Osaze.
Emi ni rick Rozay,eyin ni Wale.
I be boss,i dey hot like boys from malay..
Bi mon sen ra gucci mon sen ra feragamo.
Won jealous mi awon omo eda ada mo.
R.I.P. DaGrin, mo wish e la lu kiamo,
toba ri fela,te ba le se colabo, ji emo.

came into d game with no kobo in my kolo.
One baggy jean, 1 shoe, one polo (2x).

Repeat (Chorus).

(verse 2) Phenom.
Okay, step into d booth,yeah u know we murder them.
All dis rappers beefing me, i aint ever heard of them.
Knighthouse General,no retreat,no surrendering.
Like a drug dealer,dope shit is what am rendering.
Yooh,dat makes you a crack addict.
Was gone for a minute but now am back at it.
With d pen am a genius.
Am still fucking nice worth d flow, Tony Payne on her period..
More kicks d kungFu bow down when we come thru.
No lyin,ama lion,king of d jungle.
Delivering got these cats shivering when i roar.
Leave em wiv d look i had when i heard they banned postinor. Raaar.
Funny yeah,buh its the truth tho’.
Life is a short bitch to get a head you gotta stoop low,get it.
If u dont forget it.
Am syphilis sick with this what am spitting def. Need a medic.

Repeat (hook)
repeat (chorus).

Verse 3
all dis rappers saying shit , i swear down.
They b pussy for my eye, e be like say dem dey wear gown.
Bros if u no dey hot, e beta make u Calm Down.
No dey try sub me, ur glory fit run down.

dis could get ugly,sorta like david’s hoe
Won le damiduro ,im feeeling like davido.
Niggas hating on d Boy coz i Sopt so well.
About to take away ur spot,Nixoderm.

ata won to ka leg-over fun trailer lori express.
Oju yo bo, Njama Empress.
I gat my eyes on them,dem dey vex yes.
I dey on my mark, and every1 dem dey get set.

Back wen ther was no cheddah,
backing off wic mo’cheddah.
But now im making more cheddah dan mo’cheddah.
Shout out to mo’cheddah.
Dats my big sis.
24/7 we stay fly like G6.

(Repeat hook)

(olamide talking).

We no even write dis track, we just burst am offhand (its nothing).
And anytime we enta d club,we fit buy d whole bars. (its nothing)
like Drake, we started from d bottom buh now we are here (its nothing).
Pheelz on d beats, (its nothing).
Olamide (its nothing).
Phenom (its nothing)…

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  • the best of i like this one, rep young boss olamide ma bado

    west julie June 12, 2013 4:37 pm
  • Olamide u are the best bro

    west julie June 12, 2013 4:40 pm
  • Phenom "I'm still 'fucking' '9ice' with the FLOW, 'Tony payne' on her PERIOD". Meen u r indeed a Bad FELA…..dey gats calm down 4 dat line b4 dey understand it…it more than what ya'll(readers) tink.

    DONEEZ August 18, 2013 6:46 am
  • Phenom is poisonous……No lie he is a lion king of the jungle,his roar makes all this cats shiver! G u ar dope#fuck#

    MYSTICalien September 22, 2015 7:55 am
  • “Leave em wiv d look when i heard they banned postinor” phenom ehh..

    Flair November 2, 2017 2:01 pm

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