Lyrics: Ollgee – God Is Great

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eh! God is goooood god is great !
Its your boy ” ollgee huh.

Verse 1
Sometimes mu wa wonda why am still breathing
Good life is never given, you only take it
Adim way cuz, sombody’s life was taken
But here I am, still awake & baking
Life throws back what u can take in
Air no be nepa bill, were I go say am paying
Am just a grown man Seeeking to get past pain
Stacking the paper, just d aim
hatred grown among this men ( damn)
I see em judging me now
ollgee”. Is just one of em now
Probably cus I’m on stage now,
They said we all insane now
Young broda tryna make a name now
God is good, and I seen his presence for a change now. (Huh)

Verse 2
Waking up this AM makes me say amen
For sure no be all sleep wake dis AM
From my deepest heart and I say amen
Sometimes I hardly pray
But yet he still cares
Me and my crew, we started,.. Back in school.
Some of us, we got screwed
Some of us, we got screwed
but , I chase this life with cool
Em ma ask me wat am doin
I’ll be like ” bros I dey cool
Life is wat you make of it, so make it good
Keep yo head up, don’t screw it
Ollgee on the quest success is my test
So am Doin my best never stress askin God almighty just to do the rest
God is great, I feel his presence, yes am blessed (yes am blessed)

Its your boy!, ollgee huh !

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