Lyrics: Olusesi – Dance For Me [Wizkid Cover] ft. Don Kaesi

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Yo! I go by the name of Olusesi but I Love it when the girls call me Oluseeesi!
you already know what it is!
whoop! whoop! Homeboy!

Verse 1
Dance for me baby owe/
Omo dis girl go put me for Gobe/
With the way she dey wind/
And the way she dey grind/
She dey make me dey want to dey throwey/
Yoruba go say Oshe/
Hausa go say Nagwode/
I gotta thank you baby gurl but still ama ask Kilode/
Hun! The way you shaking it/
Looks like you wanna cause earthquake innit?/
I love the way you breaking it/
Down to the groundfloor you making it/
Hun! Your body so flexible/
I’ll do anything to be next to you/
The way you dance so sexual/
Any man try to touch you imma execute/

Hook (2x):
Omoge Dance Dance for me
I go spray you money
If you dance dance for me
Gonna spray you money

Verse 2:
Gurl ama burn for you just like a candle/
And ama follow you like a twitter handle/
You got somethings babe that i wanna dismantle/
I got a flight to catch but that poo just cancelled/
Hun! I can fly another day/
Gurl any gaddamn show can wait/
The sexiness you demonstrate/
Gurl you can do that at my place/
Hun! You got sex appeal/
Where you should be is right next to me/
There’s a place called ecstacy/
i can take you there most definitely/

Hook (2x):
Omoge Dance Dance for me
I go spray you money
If you dance dance for me
Gonna spray you money

There’s so many gurls in the club right now/
But none put it down the way you put it down/
Even in the dark i see you glow/
Potential star you go blow/ x2

Some gurls unlike the walls of jericho/
They fall before they blow my trumpet oh!/ x2

Repeat hook till fade

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