Lyrics: Omotayo – Closer ft. Eva

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Baby look how you make me
Wanna be close to you baby on a daily
hope you understand how I love being your lady
Your number one fan would you like to entertain me (tain me)
Oh we so loud
I bet they could here us through the walls in the house
Sweat in the atmosphere then the showers
Flooding the sheets by the minutes then hours
Now you say that you wanna make me happy
Every time you’re in the rear tryna take me to the one place where everything’s so amazing
My face to the wall and your mouth’s for the pleasing
When you start with my limbs spreading out
Fill you up in my body and am trying not to shout
Tell me that you got me and I have to let it out if I stay really close
There’ll be no reason to doubt…out

All I really wanna do is lay here with you baby boo and run my fingers through your hair
Didn’t even know that this could ever be so cool.
I find myself lost in your stare
Just one kiss and I am lost in your world
Beauty and demeanor girl is so on point
Would you let me love ya
hold ya all through the night
You know that am the one who does it right baby

So Would you come closer
would you let me love you baby [5x] Would you come closer
cos I wanna love you baby

[Verse 2]
All I always wanna do is wake up right here next to you
And Watch the sun rise in your eyes
When am with you baby
And I hold your body
The whole world stops for a moment
Baby no be lie say I adore you
I swear I’ll do anything for you you you… you you you you you
Baby baby baby uh uh…

(Repeat chorus till fade)

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  • Wow! Impressive. Now I’ve got the lyrics. I dey go release my own version.

    Kingpin September 11, 2013 9:54 am

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