Lyrics: Opzy – Canopy

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Yeba , eh , eh
Uhhhh uh uh uh

This girl she hot
This girl na fire
The way she dance
She no dey Tire
Now she say she’s wet
Cos the raining weather
So I pick am up
And then I put am under (Under!)

Chorus [2x]
Under my canopy (eh eh)
Under my cano (eh eh)
Under my cano (eh eh)
She say she wan burn some calories (eh eh)

Verse 1
Under the cano
Wa je ka sa lo
If you know you can eh eh
Te le mi dagbo
Weather for two
Just me and you
Sebi you like the way I groove
And then you know I gat the skills
I love it when you call me eni tofe fe
Mo tin wa e ojo ti pe
Other boys won ni fe te
You know my love is true

(Repeat hook and chorus)

Verse 2
That kain thing
Baby dont whine me
I love it when you dancing
Please Don’t stop it (Hey!)
Iwo nikan sa ni ma ko wo mi fun
Ani Iwo nikan se ni ma na wo mi fun
Kase ko do yun
Mo ni ka se ko yan ju (Oh oh yea yea )
Bami ki Dotun
Kotun Bami ki Sade
Repeat hook and chorus

Under the cano (Omo tin pe pe )
Wa je ka sa lo
Under the cano ( Omo tin pe pe pe)
this girl she hot (Under!)
Under the cano (ahn ahn ye)
wa je ka sa lo (Omo tin pe pe )
Under the cano (Under!)
Wan burn some calories (Awwwwh!)

(Repeat chorus)

ka ka ka ka se ko do yun
mo ni ka se ko yanju
Bami ki Dotun
Ko tun bami ki Sade
Opzy Don!
Eh eh
Eh eh
Eh eh
Eh eh
Under the cano

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