Lyrics: OT – Friend Zone ft. Ola, Nonso, Preye

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titles=OT ft Ola,Nonso,Preye -Friendzone]

Nigga uve been friendzoned

Its ibk on d beat….

wats a chic to a male best friend ma nigga


tho u tell her u wanna be her life


{Bridge: Ola}
Ts really funny how the girl you love
jus sees you as a friend
she sees you as a friend
(dat is all)
though you tell her u wanna be her life
you wanna treat her right she dont care

{Chorus: Ola}
Nigga youve been friendzoned
I say honey she say bestie
youve been friendzoned
she say brother i say lover
youve been friendzoned
im leaving you in friendzone
youve been friendzoned
hi bestie goodbye bestie
say wassup

{verse 1: OT}
Baby girl losing you is the worst thing
can i be ur boy friend justin
buh d place where u leave me so
if u want make i go baby pls say so
she gimme red card i call nonso
tell am say guy dis p don close
ahh..mehn see na **** up be dat
buh i no tawk mehn say na lock up be dat
First of all go friendzone
She sed i was nice buh i know wan know
where did i go wrong see i reall wan know
can i make it write see i really wan

So dont u put my love on lockdown
baby pls jus open up to me

{verse2: Nonso}
check out d face,check out her smile
check out d waist omo check out d gal
cus she wont play wen i let out d ball
so i tried to get closer damn i was dumb
see omo i enter d zone as a friend ma nigga
set p plans done end ma nigga
barbie na me be brother ken ma nigga
but is it to wrong to ask about her period
or be too funny n nice yh delerious
call me over for sleep overs
n talk about *** on d chics sofa
lol..hmm see i dey dull o
na me dey buy her bra at d mall o
n her popsi sef son zone me
so te dem get ma picture on d wall o

{Bridge: Ola}
{chorus: Ola}

{Verse3 :Preye}
I know i hurt you boy
but im sorry about it
I know led you on
might have sent wrong signals
but see i thought
dats wat friends do
never knew yould take ”Love you boo”
(so serious)
your like a brother to me
dats all youlld ever be…

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