Lyrics: Peace Brotha – Baddest Hips ft. Davies Wyt

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Bolji Beatz
She Got The Baddest Hips,Baddest Hips! Wuuw!!! Bo bo bo Bloodiest back.
Ba ba ba Baddest Hips.

CHORUS. (Davies Wyt)
She got the finest face on…
She got the wickedest waist on,She dey dance to my gbedu. (Huuuh)
That girl dey dance to my gbedu.(Huuuh)
She got the Baddest Hips on…
she got the bloodiest back on she dey dance to my gbedu. (Response:
Dance to my gbedu)
That girl dey dance to my gbedu…(Response: She dey dance)

1 1 1, 1 2 3 Oya get set go,get to the floor girl make your booty
roll,You’re my Sexy lady…
Response: Make your booty rollll…
You’re my sexy lady.
Response: O o o Oya Make your booty rolll…
1 2 3 Oya get set go,get to the floor girl make your booty roll,Sexy lady.
Response: Make Your booty roll…
You’re my sexy lady.
Response: O o o Oya make your booty roll…

VERSE 1. (Peace Brotha)
Uuh! Okay!
Yea,Baby gyal i wanna hold you
Got what ya need mehn,i’m hot cold you
Let me introduce you to the group you belong to
I just wanna make sure that your crew,feel cool
Hanging out with this dude
That will never break the rule
Hey! Wait.
There is something i wanna show you
Hey diva we gonna shot it down to J Town
Hamoured even if its the very bad war time
Aboki chanja min next flight is to Cape town
Damn,don’t be scared pretty boo mehn
Just sit your ass down
Broke then,with Peace Brotha you’re rich now
Gonna take you 10 rounds like a boxer
Yes,blaga blaga like Orezi let the booty bounce
Gimbiya kyakyauwa,Hatseri kaman Dana
Top pretty model bakin kaman nama
We got the hook here,big fish mun kama.


VERSE 2. (Peace Brotha)
Yea! Uuh!
Giving you freedom like the bolji beat tatoo
Uuuuuuh the world asking questions about you
We making noise even google wanna search you
Please don’t run you will sweat if i catch you
Your Ex man patch but i’m here to vocanize you
Gonna pimp your rims,Oops sorry i mean your lips
Pink to purple gonna bubble you and take you to the crip
Hajiya enter the place and let me give you the case
Gonna spice the first born with a pizza taste
Paper bag here shocking but your cute face sparking it
We never stop rocking Me and BJ swagging it
Shegen yaro mai kudi kaman banki
Pushing Benz i double you (W) like Banky
Paper keep growing like say we dey add taki
5 star rated cutie come get your shine
But before i say hello i heard my man Davies Wyt said…

(Repeat CHORUS/HOOK [2x])

OUTRO. (Davies Wyt)
I’ve Never seen a pretty girl like you
You make me wanna come around and take you to my room
Cos anytime i see you girl you make me wanna move
Shey na your body or the dance you dey do.

Sheee Got…
Oh Yeaaa
Oh Nooo
Baddest Hips!!!

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