Lyrics: Pelly Pellz – Kpomo Men

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Verse 1
My guy,abeg make you calm down
I no understand the one wey you dey form now
Ask around them knw na we dey run town
Fine boy winning this year,hand down!
Okay! See that one wey dey form tough
For your mind na you bring boys come club
You no dey toast babe but na you wan cut
Mtcheeew! Abeg check the next bus stop
Omo toh ndun tell me what’s up
See as you dey make all man jaw drop
After all the fune wey you come drop
You still dey jump boss for shitta bus stop
The cloth wey you wear sef na borrow
You come dey burst lie like say your papa hollo
I order chapman you come dey ask if na zobo
Dey charge 50k just to collect the dodo!

Omo mehn! Too many kpomo men (comfam)
Omo mehn! Too many kpomo mehn (oshamo)
Omo mehn too many kpomo men [x3] (yessir)

Verse 2
Listen,I live a ghen ghen life
Shorty a perfect 10, I mean the ghen ghen type
I am tryna take haer home and have a ghen ghen time
But shorty no dey play she give me ghen ghen price
Like you don’t know who I am,
When the dj started play jam
(Omg the jam is crazy)
That’s some beat by snow,
Making power moves err’where I go
Paparazzi on the scene,I dey denge pose
So tell the oda guys mke dem try compose
Me I be fresh boi I no dey form jando
Steady eyeing shorty like wagba conrol
I mean wagba kondo and she know thes moves like open close
If you get am make you hold am close
Cuz if the girl fine I go carry am go

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