Lyrics: Pen – Angry Verse

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Yoh I feel like am..

(hiss) I don’t know mehn, forget it


Verse 1

Writing this with a broken pen and it’s a letter to my self

Life gave an option and a choice and its one thing I decided


Writing this with a broken pen and it’s a letter to my self

Life gave an option and a choice and its one thing I decide

Aside the mic noting impressive? Or you saying that just to spite

Fight my intellect, mindset with a broken dialect

Raping since I was teen, tryna make ends from the beginning

What’s the essence of being pen and at the end I aint the writing

I was blessed with a tongue, caused with a gut

See am still pristine; wanna break from the dust that I was made off

Mehn am Abel to my sacrifice

Samson in the lion’s eyes

Look with your mind in my eyes you will see the tears of strive and perseverance

As the candle burn with no hope of replacing it

Same train of trail tried and killed the child and man in me

Left a beast surviving, sold out to determination

All these years of probation, still on check what a mess

When my wants are still wishes, which is killing me

Patience a virtue but it seems patience patient about me and I don’t like it

If you know my worth, am worth a whole day per minute

Displacing and chasing the rest of the play scene,

The man pen really wanna end up amazing

With the thought that I write and the words that I think

Am just scared that the weight of it don’t let me crash

Hun! Unn

Am one man with three spirit

I want more than six digit

So the lost coin I will find mehn

With my last oil trough the night mehn

Raping in front of a mirror, I watched my first video

Took my effort by faith that you gon watch my second video



I have been thinking for a while and I just cant help me now

Mehn my fantasies and dreams gat me feeling how am feeling now

So let my angry verses, x2

Speak for me


Verse 2

Yo! Am sleepless but you know I have got dreams

Scale my strength and put my effort on a beam

So you see what I said when I said am more than what it seem

Life gat me pushing up like I really came to gym

Two wrongs cnt make a right (write) but one pen can

I took advantage of my adage cause yes I can

Day and night alike all awake tryna make some sick song

Ama stimulate myself I swear until I get some response

Its sad how I started off, so awful it was hard

Tryna rhyme fine with my time mehn I just hard to mine my mind

Wanna get paid of it, so I first paid for it

Sunday Eze Eze’s son someday will outshine the sun

Am thinking how to make it big, shout out to my thought

On the picture no defeat (the feat) sounding like a passport

Am over spiting it, the game needs extension

I know hiphop is proud of me and that’s a self esteem ish



So all this has been like my wish my feelings for a while now

But after all we stay dope still

Am going prove it mehn check it


Verse 3

Illegal thought am so mind blowing

Like my head a bad tooth, I gat the crown on me

I place my goal above scholars where no baller can reach it

And that means that makes even my instinct distinctive

Always excel check me at Microsoft office

High school raps the punch lines are in SS (excess)



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