Lyrics: P’Harmony – War ft. Mirobed

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(Nobody smiles at war, but I smile cos I got you Jesus)
Idem iyengke mi ooooo
Sia edide Obong akama ukpohore

We’re at war with the demons that seems to wanna frustrate me
War with the ones that stir the hate in God’s family
In hierarchy, my Bible says I’m higher than God’s Angels
Ndien aniewo ido Lucifer? He’s just a fallen angel
We are never the same I am a Christian
I serve a mighty God, mme demons edo empty iko a-tian
If your code is davinci, mine is the Holy Trinity
In the name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit I gain the Victory

We’re at waaaaaarrrrrrr!!! (3x)

I stand therefore clothed about with truth
Breastplate of righteousness, something I can never refuse
With the preparation of the gospel of peace my feet are covered
Helmet of salvation (help me shoot straight), bull’s eye, target covered
I hold the Sword of the Spirit which is The Word of God
Above all, my shield of faith, the wicked one’s fiery darts’ guard
Say a prayer. Lord, I’m ready. Holy Spirit, win this war
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching to war. Check!

We’re at waaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!! (3x)
Idem iyengke mi ooooo.
Sia edide Obong akama ukpohore (2x)

I believe in truth, you believe in lies
I believe my God makes provisions for all my supplies
You go keep charm for me, I no go jump I just dey fly
You wanna see me kpai, lai lai I can never die. Check!
Or abi yad esit, iyad-esit ekpai
My God dey try to gimme food and you want to gimme gimme nai-nai
God’s blessings pass your beef  I will serve Him till I hammer
Amma keep this post until the finals, Vincent Enyama
I believe in God, you believe in juju, I believe the Holy Spirit can never make me zuzu (2x)
So, stand strong in your faith, don’t you ever ever falter
The Victory is ours! If you’re thirsty, He’s the Living Water
Drink from Him, I’d rather get drunk of Him
Through the pain and the gain, still my friend He remains, He’s the same, in His Name we’re saved
Do you get it?! Get it!! GET IT!!!
Yes, we’re victorious! Yes, we are more than conquerors
He died to overcome sin and death, His blood doth cover us
I’m a DIE-HARD JESUS FAN, my love for Him…long-span
This battles don’t scare me, it’s just a ceiling fan’s fan

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