Lyrics: Pjaydino – Sempe

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Lyrics: Pjaydino – Sempe

Ye omo is ur boy pjay…..dino
lord of mercy(rytabout)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh(response)

A lot of dem want to see us cry(sempe)
A lot of dem want make we die(sempe)
A lot of dem want to pull us down(sempe)
A lot of dem want to fall we hand(sempe)
I n I say we keep the fire burn
Say no matter what
We keep the fire burn
Like an iroko we go rise above(sempe)
So make you sempe for the man wey sabi

Say we match up the street stand down
Omo ge we de give dem d show stand down
Omo ge dem dey sempe cus we standout
Make I hear you do the wo oh oh oh oh oh oh

Verse 1:
See me now see you tel me where you dey
A lot of una bin no wan look me face
Wen I dey hustle you bin leave me runaway
Who fail 2day live to fight another day
Omo see dem see dem
Dem are form war against us
No matter how dem try
Dem no go de above us
Dem dey try 2 make us slow
Omo dem de try 2 keep us below
I see dem all over the world
A lot of bad men all over the world
A lot of witches all over the world
(Ehssssss)all over the world(tell… them)

Verse 2
Say no matter wat dem say
Omo we go stil de grind
Say no matter what them do
De can never fall our hand
I see dem all over the world
Say no matter wat dem say
Omo we go still de grind
Sempe for the man way sabi(sempe)
Pjaydino (be the man wey sabi)
Nitro lab be the label way sabi
Oh chairman (be the man way sabi)
Oga jimmy
Dj exclusive
Dj loop

Chairman be the man way sabi
Rytabout is your boy pjaydino

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