Lyrics: Pledge Tha Rapdibia – Champion

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ifugo ife nwanne..
Eziokwu been told..
Is pledge the rapdibia yeaa..ama rapdiva

They wanna push me down but i stand so strong,the game been off but i turned it on,look into my eyes ama champion nwanne ama champion (2x)

Verse 1
okwa nwayo nwayo mehn! ka m jiri wee banye
ha esetigoro m trap mana ha nwa ga adanye
chukwu agozi go num were rap nyem onyinye
dy can’t push me down ha afugo nu ma kwere
my fans in d west say i drive dem shewere, i know i gat d skills lyrically sick and i need a rap pills
am blessed with d flows.enwere m d zeal ,eziokwu been told nwanne shout out to lynxxx
i ain’t done yet maka na akwøbeghi d beans ,am climbing to d top best in scene,throw me in d dirt i wil come out clean
a mam ife alû,al i do is win,al i do is win
agbara m ha nkiti mana okwu juru m onû
only my punchline asi go meche onú
they say they ar beta than me ha ka na eto ønú


Verse 2
ejigorum my raps kwatuo mgbidi jericho,u wanna stop me nwanne i na eko eko,heading to d top ndi anya ufu geting low low
no be play play juo ese am d koko,
dn’t push me mehn my raps like koboko just 1 lash and i see u geting loco,the boy stay so fly no be joke o, the game is my juliet abum d romeo
gwazie nu m ife i si na m ga adapu,ebe ha na asi na my voice di usø di ka an apple,
am now on d runway nwanne si ha kupu ,fresh and clean nwanne biko si ha kupu
i was born to do dis,i was raised to do dis
u can never stop me any beat i keep on killing it,chop lyk biscuit hotter dan wizkid
if e dy pain u guy! Drink whisky..


Verse 3
lee anya nwanne can’t u see ama champion
my flows na aba ha na anya dika onions,dn’t ask to win is my opinion and very soon we be counting in millions,best in d hood head of d union
like bosalin mua na apia ha utali
and dey ain’t do nutin maka nwoke di gali..keep so fresh frm ututu ruo na abali ,bia weru ya nwayø enyena m mkpali
dat u wear dreadlocks don’t make u bob marly,coolo down ka ezi gi ife alu cuz we own dis city and we run dis town,everybody is feeling us biko give me dat crown,
look at dem bad belles yes dem dy frown,buh we don care ,we killing it,we making name getting dat fame.


after all said and done baby,we getting dat doe making dat cash ..dn’t care wat dy taking..oga aka mma ka ikupu maka na imaru na ife bara abago na
obanyego!!hahaha yeah!

  • 32
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