Lyrics: Poe – New Era

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The masterpiece

I am POE

Nigeria very own

Did you not know

life is such a game I like to lead by goals
can’t wait till extra time the referee might blow
So what am I doing here is to test my faith?
‘Cos I’ve been sick for many years I’m Starting to feel like job

Don’t get it? Read a bible
Not everyone’s gonna like you
A prophet has many haters. Was Judas not a disciple?
The thing about fame is money becomes an idol
So I gotta ask myself How badly I want the title.

Sebi mo ti sofun won tele
I don’t need the hi fives, how far’s, thumbs up, or ki lo n sele’s
Now everybody starting notice that poe’s a beast
And ghost is looking at Tec like hmm
Ko it bere

I’m everything you’ll never be. Sicker with all sincerity
Cos nowadays our rappers are famous only for melodies
I’m Yoruba So respect the ones that came Ahead of me
And only give the finger to my woman and my Enemies

Thats how I do it. I tell you there’s nothing to it
The greatest have to be fly without having to book it
I admit my first try my flight pattern was crooked
Till I saw the hand of god, reached for and shook it

pulled myself up to a level where they adore me
Truly I hate beef..I’d rather you didn’t force me
Lyrics over bullets it’s better to kill ’em softly.
Omo they way I shine I wonder will glo endorse me

No punch lines or metaphors someone tell me/
should I buy into these rappers there’s clearly nothing to sell me
F*ck a balanced diet it’s competition that’s healthy
But no one is taking shots theyre busy with taking selfies

I hear they love it when I talk like this
Other rappers switch the topic when I talk like this
And the women wanna f*ck me when I walk like this
I should really work for NEPA going off like this

Charlie X on the beat, of course


Nigeria very own..

believe, ko ye won is coming out soon

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