Lyrics: Pope – Let Me ft. Shaydee

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titles=Pope – Let Me feat. Shaydee]

I am pope tha hitman
And tonight girl
Me on a bad man thing

Chorus (Shaydee)
Omoge I go let you know
Say say your the baddest
The way you do that
You dey make me say your the baddest
So let me be your man
Let me be your man
No time o

Verse 1
Yez zir
Omo tech can I have your ear
One of a kind yeah you kind of rare
Love your style your smile your hair
Well let’s hang like chandelier
Yeah so fine o
See guys on your neck bow ties fo
No time so slow whine o
No head but you blow pope’s mind wow
See Got this fresh hair cut from the best barber no fryo
We way to clever for koni koni love no wayo b
That’s old when the kid look at you
True so many things we could do
List is endless let’s put a few and
Change your parade like lynxx utunu


Verse 2
You and him you and him
All that matters is you and him
Your heart anything I would do to win
Nothing like the x men wolverine
Ah here’s what you do to him
Make him feel like he is hovering
Then you make his medulla spin
Girl you the finest to do the scene
Walahi why would I lie
Can’t you feel the connection wi fi
What we got so real no sci fi
Let’s chill watch time fly by
Maybe hang out like wet clothes
And maybe I would get your chest froze
Maybe they be hating forget foes
you a goddess
Yeah the baddest


Verse 3
so together we ball no freethrow
Together we fly no heathrow
Together we own this town
Hold you down am gravity no nico
We go chill indoors on the couch
Throw pillows
For you I can vouch
Plus popedahitman king of the south

· · ·

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