Lyrics: Porphin – Song Cry (Benya Mata)

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titles=Porphin-Benya Mata(songcry)]

Maweee…benye benya amataa…!

this for those that lost,
trying to make a difference in human kind

black home my pride,who came back here for ma crown.
took a time out he lied,and more precious stones he found.
he found me found us,few cowries sold us.
no guns we had to go spares,but in ma dreams i sort.
now you compared me to a clown,me not cheap cos me so black.
am paving way for a fly new town,so we got dreams cos we’re not
you’re right we’re not dumb,but you’ll never can clone that colour.
ma life or ma thumb more cronicles times are harder.
i shot out then who falls down,more misery he broke ma town.
thousand lives and i lost all chance,now is time gotta speak through
one god one man,but all being on equal rights.
no black or no white,imagine where we had no sights.
probably it’s time we grow,call all races bring them home.
this ma and i give them all,for heavens sake i broke a law.Damn!

(benya benyaa mata)…
mawee mawee mawee
maweme weme eh!
(benya benyaa mata)…x2

khaki jones he stole ma home,king Luther cried on.
dungeons in ma far east zone,harsh weather shalom.
arise on oh compatriot,i came i saw we conquered.
comic rally am on,new life new ways no founder.
invaded Ruwanda and where signs will break your coma.
your owner jahova,David ma line is royal.
i thought we all need cope,all need cope
to break that chains.
but this life is not of gold not of gold,fades away.
so listen to a sound of cry and no lights brought no hope.
pedegree can i line it out,few counts no skulls.
true lies and it all takes time,ma granny she used that line.
fourthy days and fourthy nights,meditations took ma mind…

you know,
it’s all about African menh.
the be counting us out for long. And really don’t like that.
you know,
am privileged to be the man i wanna be.
be a blackman,proud of ma self.
the things i really wanna do?

(benya benyaa mata)…
mawee mawee mawee
maweme weme eh!
(benya benyaa mata)…x2

So get it right!
i’m an African…am Porphin.

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