Lyrics: Prodigal IX – Beast Mode ft. IzzyKid

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Intro (Izzykid)
Oju aja n seje
Enu kini-un ti yo omi
Eyin te lon beef me,olorun e le ever to mi
Oju mi ti riri
Imu mi ti mimi
Ese mejeji te n ri yi gan olorun oti rinrin

Verse 1 (Prodigal IX)
Unleash me,I be on a beasmode…I tear rappers like the wolfman
Ball so hard keep this rappers outta the game like a match ban
Cos aint stan,that mere clown,niccur aint your number one fan
Bleedmode,inject like a syringe niccur am about to drop blood
Its the 5 star general,I bring war to your door steps like spartacus
Sir Prodigal,lyrical Ahamadioha,y’all rappers call me small god
Have got game so I ball like a striker,y’all haters better mark my words
I attack by sword its stealth mode,its time to crush and break bones
Y’all other rappers far apart,can’t read me like fake pay phone
All I see around are fake thrones,I heard y’all wannabes be claiming kings
Your brain stinks,its a pity motherfucker no wonder you and your name sinked
I break jinx,shake scenes yeah am back on top,have been on break since
Drake things,am ma stay repping hip hop till I die like faded jeans
Am so dope,rappers hate like bb pins they better change like dp things
Am the reason most of y’all rappers tend to rest like a siesta
Am the pillar standing strong,no shaking like hijab sisters

Verse 2 (Izzykid)
Aluu state of mind ogbeni love no dey live here
Igboro ni mi, mi o kin form cream bi nivea
Beastmode, this mode nitori mi won catch cold
Ejo eba mi so fun olotutu ko lo procold
Moti pe ninu game yi, emi gangan ni skipo
O boi am from the west won de dread mi taribo
Awa ni boss eyin kan sefe bi alinco
Don’t dare test mi even if am weak or low
Abami-eda awon eleyi je yan ni din din bi tinco
No money no friend No pain no gain no blame no shame more foes more fame
Its a slow world but we living it in a fast lane
Like a hunters shot niggar am gone like dane Uhn
lako ni mo wa awon enemies gan ni mo n baje
Swaggu illuminati, ilefo omo aje
I no fear nobody my glory pass ibaje
Elemi lo ma last, this race aint for the fastest
Beastmode!! I stand tall Bring war nigga I can’t fall
Everyday ni mo n le awon pest lere bi canfour
Count four !!!.. I be no1 of the top four
Aiye awon toku ti baje, olorun wan de ti packup

Verse 3 (Prodigal IX)
Its still me,bad guy, I stay on my grind until I rest in peace
Here is the gist,am the beast start up beef and you get deceased
Get a priest,take on your heelz if you named on my hit list
Its the lyricist,feel me since am getting stacks by any means
And I reminisce on the sad days,my crooked shit and the bad ways
Rappers be like coming up to me,saying shits like theywanna battle me
I just sit and laugh, choke and frown when you spit your bars to me
You see through me,the true me,here is scars the real me

Outro (Izzykid)
Awa lani game o le pe wa ni EA
Awa n ball gan o le pe wa ni NBA
Am so street o le pe mi ni GTA
Why u dey attack me from the back, you be PIQUE ???

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