Lyrics: Prodizzle – Banger ft Z.I.Z, Mayhem

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[Verse 1: Z.I.Z]
They never see me coming
Fuckin wit that ghost
Shout out to the team
I’m sorta that coach
Only say what I mean
Truth is hard to swallow
But I’m only gonna say this once,, I am King
TWISTing OLIVER’s mind
Until all of it’s mine
Sneakers on in my mental I’m running out of my mind
No worries out of my mind
Ain’t such a terrible place
I’m here to stay so I mightt as well get a hell of a place
Life’s a hell of a race
I don’t see with my eyes
Matter’v fact I close’em up then examine the world thru my mind
Its wat i do
My verses sting like a python
I’m no longer normal I morphed into a hell ov a tyrant
I’m calling shots, tellem other niggas do as ii say
Sorta new on the block so y’all niggas better start gettin used to ma face
Let’s face it most y’all out here spit basic
But we tryna elevate that a little
Take it to a place where what sounds great right now is infact a little too loww quality to be number one
I wanna be number one
New era
No errors
Bet I’m already number one
Hold up
Make sure my green rolled up
Purple liquid po’d up
Ma niggas call it coda
Shout out to the ex Tope Toda
Yea we in it to earn
Win or lose get it ?
Yea we in it to earn it
Check the shit that we burning
Man we boys is on fire
We too hot for the devil
Man we burn up his furnace
Its shocking please do not touch with no conductor wire
Rap is my kingdom all these niggas be calling me sire
Probably cuz I’m am flyer or higher than they pinnacle
I took that pound cake for me
Now they feeding off residuals
They told me kill it, I stepped in the game and I killed it
Consider me diablo
Un’aa mean
Selassie I pray

[Verse 2: Mayhem]
They ain’t gon fuck with you till you getting some o’s
My rap is new school all you rappers is old
So it’s my period just pardon my flow
Bars cold so I got some snort in my nose
Quarter millie for a show never settle for low
Acting silly you should know I got Glocks in my clothes
Wasn’t born with a silver spoon but I’ll die with a gold in my mouth
So when I get grills they probably be gold
I learned my lessons, always walking with the smith and wesson
These niggas devils your homies they shooting at your reflections
It’s nothing pretty in my city you better get your weapons
They told me that I’m the best and I tell em I’m still progressing
I’m sweating, my palms are sweaty I’m clutching that mac eleven
Walking the path of glory I hope I don’t lose direction
They said I don’t got no life cuz im broke that’s a misconception
Disrespect me then you be talking to my pistol weapon
When I lay my verses a thousand horses stomping on persons
Working on being worth it , the worst is they come out and curse it
In cursives I’m cursing persons that couldn’t reverse the curse
Rehearsals I learn my verses so I could murder not forfeit
You fuck with me you get served I’m lyrically disturbed
You fucking bitches getting nerves I got the killers who serve
You fuck with me, I fuck your bitch nigga I guess that’s how it work
You talking shit I wrap em up and throw the nigga to burn
I didn’t come here to be stressing as long as you get the message
Wrong cuz my obsession was wrong but it was stretching
Guns in my possession I had sworn I wouldn’t stress it
I’m strong cuz my impression ignores all my aggressions
Dear lord hear my confession, I hope you hear me
These hurrs they tryna tear me apart but I can barely ignore
But I ain’t never been a sleeper though
4 shots to the dome mehn inhale the smoke

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