Lyrics: Prospa – I’m Grateful

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Uh ah

That is the matter


Lord I’m grateful (3x)

I’m grateful, Lord I’m grateful

Lemme hear you say

Lord I’m grateful (3x)

I’m grateful, Lord I’m grateful

My mother could despise me

Father could despise me

But Lord am so sweet cos your love just dey spice me

You no despise me

You are always there for me

When nobody was expecting

You took me up and you upgrade me

I dedicate my life, dedicate my body

And soul to you, you, you, you, you

Lord I’m grateful (3x)

I’m grateful (3x)

For the things you’ve done for me

For my friends and my fans

I say I’m grateful


I’m a blessing, to all my generation

No one can stop me because am always in a motion

Look at my life, my life is so interesting

Because Baba’s love for me is more than everlasting

They thought I’ll never make it, but Lord you saw me through,

They thought I was gonna lose, see me mehnn am going through

Who ever thought that my dream was gonna come through

So with this song of mine, I’ve come to say I’m grateful

For all my sins, dear lord please forgive me

Cos everything am getting’ right now, you gave me

See you’ve made my life so tall and huge like an elephant

And everywhere I step my foot, they say I’m more than relevant

See I keep balling, and they keep on strolling

See ain’t talking about the comedy, that’s how we rolling

Cos I’m the King, I’m so fresh, I’m not bragging

But nevertheless, am gonna let them know that PROSPA is a KING.

Lord I’m grateful (3x)

I’m grateful, Lord I’m grateful

I say Lord I’m grateful

Lord I’m grateful (2x)

I’m grateful, Lord I’m grateful


I remember

When we started this Music thing o

See, I remember

Dem been talk say I no go fit sing o

But right now see I just dey sing

Dem just dey dance, anywhere I go

Dem just dey halla my name

From grass to grace

Lord I won the race, (ah)

Anything I do, I’m gonna give you praise

So I sing say…

Lord I’m grateful (2x)

I’m grateful, Lord I’m grateful

For chief John Nta, I’m grateful,

For Mrs John Nta, I’m grateful,

Precious boy, I see you yeaa yeeaah…

Lord I’m grateful (till outro)

#teamTheMatter in the building

Prospa that’s me noni,

We just here to Praise God


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