Lyrics: Pryse – New Slaves Vs Poundcake [Freestyle]

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My mama was raised back in the days
When a woman’s worth was only a’prysed (appraised) in a couple ways-
How many sons had her loins, how many coins was her hobby paid
Where is the light or we switched to another phase? (Nepa ishh lol)
I skipped some science classes
I’ll be the first to admit it
I missed the part where greatness was sexually transmitted
***** with the **** thugs, they got us outwitted
Throw some dollars down their pants and say bitch go get it
She said its my fault he beats me
See how bad i be
And there’s the love yo’
She on that black eye p
New slaves

uhn uhn
They call me Pryse…yea

Silly me, thinking this talent would be all i needed,
Matching red carpets and party until you start to hate it
And everybody kiss and hugging like we all related
He say “wa gba control”
i’ll get your song repeateddd
Class is on, watch this niqqa take a piss,
Yeah you know who you are
That’s a calculated diss
Why these rappers drawing blood
Swinging lyrical fist
This was not the book of life, just a mo’****in list
I know that we the new slaves,
I see the blogs and tweets
I see the blogs and tweets
I see the blogs and tweets
New slaves

A friend told me i should play the game the way they do
He said i’m too nice
Well..thats debatable
Imperfect me, am i worse than the best of you?
No smelly shit in your past, no regretables
Cos human beings don’t belong on the pedo-store(?)
Me i de see red, you don’t wanna pet a bull
I’m fly above the rest, gotta watch my head
Vibrator in your ear to fuck what you heard
I’m a radical, i don’t like to run with the herd,
And i’m rather cool, see how i flip the bird
Like i’m doing barbecue CBN (?)
You know how we do, rolling like a camera crew
My name is about to carry weight like a camel do
I’m so tight, show your ass and your cameltoe
My daddy didnt like the game, we had to elope
He called me up one day, said i’m hearing you’re dope
He’s my biggest fan tho
Had to open up like a sandal
Still waiting on that mantle from M.I the greatest
No matter what they ramble
Fuck a twitter handle
I’m the sun, you’re a candle

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