Lyrics: Quake n Don K – All of You Remix ft. Davido

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titles=QuakeNDonK ft. Davido – All_of_you_remix]

davido i see you
Quake and Donk

Godspell on the beat o
badda man
why am in the game
i be baba now(baba now)
everywhere i go dem dey
holla now(holla now)
the money just dey come
no wahala now
wahala now wahala now
my nigga b-red got his
dollars up
Sina rambo is badder than
All of you,all of you
i said we are badder than
all of you,all of you
i said am badder than
all of you,all of you
all of you,all of you

Verse one(Quake)
Quake n donk
We the badest boys eme
If ??you in the crew
We won’t be banky on you to bring the hit
Cos we bad guan
The boys them tight guan
Dats y we roll in circle of gold
No condom

I still dey wonder
Who bad pass we
Dats y we higher than the effect
Dat ya get from your weed
I need to breath
This girls nor wan let ?me be
I wish they had another MC
Dat was fly as ?me
But na…….

This is wat it all boils down to
am gone
They tryna na Catch up with me
They aint nemesis
The beats the questionnaire
Dat why ya be feeling ??it
Oh feeling me
Ya already feeling dissed

That’s how bad it gets
ya’ll should live with
If music was a drug
We still gonna be abusing it
Hip hop landlord
Other rappers pay rent
We add colour to occasion
Boy I nor dey talk paint

oh tubaba you be baba
psquare u be baba
kokomaster u be baba now
baba now,baba now
all my fans made me bigger than
because of them am bigger than
some of you,some of you
actually am bigger than
all of you,all of you
am bigger than
all of you,all of you

Verse two(Don k)
omo mehn no be
lie o
we stay higher than the rest we no
dey shayo(shy o)
to say we better than you everytime
you’re behind
am invincible whenever am on the
mic o(miko)

my flows badder than yours
no F9
lyrically you cant stand me you must be
i make it simple by simply
going hard
so ill on the beat feeling like
i’ve got saars

south american rainforest
am amazing
i’ve got originality
faze in
been flaming from delivery i was
born fly
if you aint right here with me
you on the wrong side

na me dey bang your girl
no be chiddy
so holla yes boss like naeto
when you see(c) me
i was born for this cause oluwa
blessed me
and i wouldnt fail to annihilate you
if you test me

(Davido sings)
All of you all of you(repeat)

Docside he’s down with us
My hommie monaky you know he’s
Down with us
Nijel she’s down with us
TQ tipsy ??? know
He’s down with us

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