Lyrics: Quebex – Girlfriend (Freestyle)

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Yes sir!
Its your Boy
Ladies And Gentlemen… Quebex!


I pull up altitude and bounce
And when I speak I make a million thou
The boys are getting lazy but I make a million vow
To never ever give up never ever ever bow
Its your boy from the hood, from the street, from the south… Bam!

And last year all they tried to do is corner me
The boy’s pushing hard to first class from economy
I aint talking twitter but the money just dey follow
Well am chucking up the deuces and the ladies put it aii on me… Badman!
We blowing up the place rugged taliban… Rasta!
The way I click click the lady’s dreading me ..Ya Papa!
In this game, we flaming up the game, we do it for the love of it, we f*cking off the fame


We back murderf*ckers get down
The way I click click I make em trigger go bang!
Dude am too exclusive, rep your gang? No thanks!
We ah badman fire blaze kpuyakakpuyaka bam!

We rejoice we ah rapampampam
You say life’s a b*tch nucca am ah porn star
My music getting thicker n*gga you can run far
I be only one thing, Pokanation confirm!

Baby loke loke you okay you fly my pumpkin
Music and I are groupies, other lovers kicking buckets
Your other lovers see our love, the hate on me
But your love’s damn wet, murf*cker rain on me

Fly! These others wanna play her like a demo
Our love go wide baby you high me like Alomo…
Your love shield this army like an armour
Other girls like Ekaro o! Am like Odabor


Dear music you my one and only girl
My breath of reality, my only fairy tale

Its Kay Records Baby
KessySouth on the mix
DexyCreap in the building.. I see u mehn!
Ok its Quebex!!

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