Lyrics: Quiz – 5 a.m in Oshodi

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Yo, My name Quiz you know
Sapele boy shiiit, yea its raphill, you know!
Yea shout out, all my men, lasgidi the street

Rap verse: (Straight Rap)
5am in Oshodi a big town in lasgidi
If you no shine your eyes I swear your name go be sorry
Journey just come they teach you a lesson you’ll never forget in a hurry..yea
Bad boys hiding in the Dark
Pickpockets doing this and that
You better be smart you better be hard
No go dey form gentle man you better be kaja..yea
That reminds me of my teenage years back in Sapele…
Where I had my first fight my first bite
My first high my first Low
My first Girl the First Night
I told her…

Girl your love dey drive me like a Beatle
Make you no dey Down grade am not Little
The name Quiz is everywhere coz its everywhere that I’ve been to
You no be jennifer Lopez but its you that am into
Sapele Boy go and ask well
Certified dope you know I spit like I no well
I no fit shout I no be cockerel
Lyrics I’ll never lack am like the deep Well
My Vocals sick they say I rap well
Never chopped overseas but yeah I kack well
I wanna rise explode but no be bomb shell
You don’t know my story so my story You cannot tell
I can’t say am hotter coz I’ve never been to hell
And I’ll never go to hell..yea
See am the cat that they can never bell

Omo no be bell view
I see you from my rear view
You whispered but I heard you
You hissed..I no hear You
Am like the eagle in the sky flying with my clear view
You Better step aside you can’t stand the hit when I come through.

Let the best step out I didn’t see None
Ain’t saying am the best but who’s better than this One
To this game I have swore
I realise this the reason I was born
See it in my eyes Don’t be surprise
My hustle my Dues, I paid the price.

Like christ I paid the ransom
Nobody told me I was ugly but I know am handsome
Haters be throwing tantrums
They make me laugh I swear they have this wack flow syndrome
They all claiming to kings but where-the-hell is this kingdom..
I no dey see any crown
Am stepping on a fresh ground
I make the dry lands go green
And every ghetto child I wish that they would grow clean
I see it coming to pass and this is my dream
Am grateful that am winning yea
Shout out to my team.
Shout out to drake too
I guess am on a fast lane am loosing my brake too
You say you harder than the hardest
But its funny how they break You
Yeah I started from sapele and its Funny how I came through
You can call me the genius cos am using my brain too
Am the greatest like Ali that means am great too
A lot of people helped me yeah
And I am grateful

Now every where I go they scream the name Quiz
My music get this people like say them smoke weeds
5am in oshodi you better shine your eyes
I hope you feel me…
Yea Sapele Boy shiiiiit
And its Rap Hill!

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