Lyrics: Rasheed – Listen to the Cries

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Welcome to hell

Where the fire spit out flames

Listen to the cries

And the way their voices shakes

Man is animal

So scientist says

Don’t know where to hide

If the whole city is bursting in flames

Everyone is dying

In the fire flames

War in the north middle east everyday

I wonder why

(why oh why! Why oh why!!)

The world is cold

Killed my soul

Lost my hope

But I… But I… but I live


You welcome to hell

Where the fire spit out flames

Listen to the cries

Hear their voices shakes

The world is upside down

So many twist and turn

Everyone is freaking out

Freaking out freaking out!!

You take the little ones away from their mama

You drag them down to the war

Where is that ever ever been done

in any part of the world

Nkan to shele taye fin daru

Olorun olorun lo ye

Amona tete ma bo wa o

We need back our girls

Bring back our girls

Oma shey O

Ile tatin mu tatin je tatin gba dun

I’m only human

Trying to satisfy my needs

I don’t care cos the world

Broke my ribs

Been waking all alone

On this road and it’s cold

I’m not getting younger

And my dreams is getting old

Pushed to corners

Nobody bothers

No kit no kin

No brother no sister

No love on the street

No love in the jungle

That’s just the way it’s been

But that doesn’t mean I should take someone else own

I gat to put ma shit together

And get a hold

And I gat represent my body my soul

And let everybody know

That this music is music is what I do

And I gat to represent with the music that I do

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