Lyrics: Reminisce – If Only Reloaded

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titles=Reminisce – IF ONLY 2.0]

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,oh

If only you would love me, love me, love me, love me right
If only you would hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me tight
Ki la fin s’oko obirin?
Owo la fin s’oko obirin[X2] Love me right
Ki la fin s’oko obirin?
Owo la fin s’oko obirin[X2] Hold me tight

Girl I – love you & I – want you
I know you want me home
Coz you’re home alone
I’ve got to get this money
But not without you
Spend most of my time, thinking about you
I don’t get down with chicks that aint tight
I don’t get down with chicks that aint right
I love my girl right, hold my girl tight
Take my girl out, give her the world tonight
She’s probably the only reason I’m breathing
Trying to break up but can’t find reasons
Finally found the chick that’s my own
Unlike your girl my chick is all grown


I’ve seen girls, I know girls
Local girls, international girls
Been around the world
But aint no girl like you ,you, you,you
I’ll be your king, you’ll be my queen
You’re gon’ dance and I’m gon’ sing
Show you the ring and I wanna marry you, you, you, you
I’ve got the cash, hit that ass
Sex on the beach, live like Phil [..] We don’t care about the past
Coz I’ve got you, you, you, you
You are all I have, you’re all I need
If you hurt me, I’m gon’ bleed
I’m in love, yes indeed with you, you, you, you


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  • That last part of verse 2 is supposed to be “unlike your girl my chick is all grown” not “i like you girl”. Nice song tho.

    Emmanuel March 31, 2012 3:18 pm
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