Lyrics: RemmiQue – An!An!! ft. Ycee

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Ooouu,Ogbeni RemmiQue I be like, ahahn
Ycee where yat
I dey here I dey here on this s**t You be like
Where Hunter An! An!! Romeo nkor
Ahahn, ahahn
someone cannot play with you again
Hunter 2 Yeah! Ahn! Lit. See;

{Verse One} RemmiQue
I just realized am just outta my senses
That’s why am dropping bloody flows everyday like a menses
See my Paradise is not part of your home
U ain’t bad like me,. Why y’all fucking with my own
Am a beast sickle Rapper
I make y’all stick to your shit like a diaper
Tell me what you want I give it to you proper
You think you gonna tired of my school like a drop out..(An!An)

Eyin bad gan but eebad towa
Tobaje kema kii (Key) Eele bread towa
Eyin toje ajebutter gan Eele bread towa
Now you’re rapping like an animal Eele Trend towa

Moti Make sense moti funwon Leela bai
Motin terrorise now u know me wella bai
Oluwa to shina ain’t talking peller bai
Emikeh mokutii now motin Fala bai
Ogbeni waa, Are u doubting it? (Doubting it)
It’s a lie it’s not(North) Are u southing it?(Southing it)
See the boi is a beast tobarimi koya bedanu
Ijoba lelei Ijoba koferanu
Mo slack tii, I be one shoe 4 buckle
RemmiQue omo yiboo nii you dey boku
U dey jump u won chop banana ehn lo boboku
Eni tebi banpa eni kowa chop knuckle

{Verse Two} “Ycee”
So why they preaching like your holiness
Retired heart breaker a man got no regrets
They talk about me don’t know me yet
Same b*****s dissing same ones that’s tryna show me breast

And why them n****s always testing me?
Acting like they don’t know GOD protecting me
Asking why your own shawtty out here texting me
Is she f*****g me? Am like yes indeed (Que Que)
I put the henny in her mouth boy
For the right reasons I be in a tabloid
N****s talk dey smell I had to give em altiod
Banging in the west am like a m***********g cowboy
I’ll be lowkey so you can barely see me out boy
Only real n***a I be with when I be out boy
Running s**t in the west connected to the south boy
Anyhow you want it ma n***a we shut it down boy
Tinny put me on, Sony Got me feeling bright

How am heavy with the henny got me feeling light
Am turning down hoes they wonder what am feeling like
I freestyle a whole verse you think I couldn’t write
To everybody wey dey talk like they know something
I rather piss myself off and push my own buttons
The show has just begun you out here tryna close curtains
(?) this n****s better hold something
Que Que
Ogbeni RemmiQue An! An!
Ogbeni Ycee An!An! Swa!!!!
Ouuu Ouuu
Y’all don’t know, You Don’t know what we talking about bro

[Outro] Ahahn, ahahn
The haters on ma body shake em off
I can never lose, what you thought
My n****s (?)
Now we pour some on the ground for the dogs
Ahahn, ahahn, Tinny
Hunter 2

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