Lyrics: RemmiQue – Hustle Obsession ft. Hunter x Kris

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Shout-out to ma niggz Hustling
This is what we Facing no time now
Buckle up your shoes Masunle
We gotta make the money no time now
You should stop behaving like a Kid
All your mates are making dat side now
Then you should Know, You should know,You should know
We gat to stick to your hustle right away everyday
Shout-out to ma niggz Hustling
That is how we doing no time now
Wen we get d dough We gat to spend
Common! Fake niggaz outside now

[Hunter II]

Love u with ma heart you Don’t care
Calling all your phones u don’t pick
Going club to club we purchased
Now you want me to pay your Bills now

F*ckn around with ma hommie
Telling me you stay Home
Calling you, you don’t pick
Already know u’ve dumped me
Oh! My head Yah’ woo
Wanna be my Iyawo
Spending money like a Yahoo
Make the money Maloyawo
F*ckin in Casino
Asking you’ You said No
Ain’t gonna come around you
Really thought I knew you
Go for Kim’ I don’t care
Looks to me like a monkey
Acting like a jonkey
Your mama like a donkey


See some niggaz don’t know wot u faced
All dis haters tell me where u dey?
All ma P*ssy niggaz outside now
You can see am cruising in my Ride now

Yeah! I light up the place My Raba dey flow Some people dey call me the CowBoy
My Lamba no funny, already we killing
You kidding me Killing D cash But…

If u Hustle u go live
U no hustle U go Tiff
Hustle Maloyawo
Hustle kodagbawo
In your hood you be Gee
In ma hood I be king
Bowode maara Ross Royce
Keep living on ma Ghost side
You don’t know, I don’t know
When we start to have the money
Now we Spend with Kings
We cause a Flu’ Not feelings

[ Kris ]

Am real! Am Real!!
You can call me Kriz 808′ Real
Am taking it Better Are u seeing?
Oh! Baby Girl Oh! Well
Am winning all now
Gurl you make me feel alright nah
And I’ll take you to my place
Yuh! See
Omotoba sise dada nigga
Ogbodo lasiko igbadun
Emin sache sache’ Mon shise Shise
Mio raye lati laagun
Omoi chache chache Ongbowo gan nii
Ole oraye lati laagun
Oya Kosi daanu ko Koshi daanu mioraye laati shaani “Shior”


Shout-out to my niggle Hustling
Dis is wot we facing no time now

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