Lyrics: Revelation_Tharapman – Victory ft. Opexay

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Background Play:
(Opexay)I remember times when i never shined it was so hard to believe
(Revelation) you all bow to the sound of my voice. Revelation oya lizen

I remember times when i never shined
It was so hard to believe
I didn’t want to be lost in life
I came out from underneath
I felt the weight of the world crashing down on me
But now i’m lookin out and it’s my victory

When i was on microphone testing nobody to test me
my inbox empty nobody to text me
jehovah bless me nigga no dey vex
am on track like usain bolt now you no fit first me
your curtain fall when your shame rise to the peak
leaving you with one life but its hard to believe
(listen) i keep my feets to the ground when am rapping
cos you will smell defeat whenever i try to rise it
am flying high and am soaring like an eagle
you are a server to the world its why your life is so simple
a good life is exactly what am living
i choose to live large all my ways now am acheiving
am a new born rapper have got no sins on me
bet you cannot be like me even if you are my synonmy
am freestyling the holy lines anytime i read the hymn
and choose God as my mentor cos i wanna be like him.(Revelation)

Background play:(Opexay) iya je mi gan
Hustle pays in a day my nigga
huh okay

Bi won shey bi mi tan i found myself lori titi
am a very sturborn guy paddi wo mi o fe cheating
because say i no wan steal i go learn barber
just like kiss and sugar nigga i just dey raba
sometimes dey wey my boss go treat me like shit
i go spread my hands up as if yes i be cheif
me i no dey vex cos have seen my future
tin ba blow leni moti mo awon ti mo ma feature
****** gan paddi mi cos have got some street niggas
we go perform for the show with a top and knicker
wash and wear ni mo maa n shey me have got no two
barber ti o ni clipper me have got no tool
but i pray to God everyday pe mo ma debe
i be wozzy gee so mo ni pe ke fayele
opexay ati revelation yes we are high two
eti maa gborin mi ema ra lori itunes(opexay)

Background play: (Opexay)Verse two
Tears roll down from my cheek when i was writing this lyrics
cause i thought that was the end for me cause have got nobody
they say life is not funny just like yes emmanuella
then i pray to God Oluwa mi oluwa you are my helper
then they say like is a bitch then i go to the seaside
nibi ti olukaluku de ti n fa shisha eh
just believe in your dreams ore mi amadebe
now am back to my base revelation oya jenbe

They made sketches and they drew my attention
uttering that john is dead who is revelation
have got a lot of active fans to hail me while on tv
but the only fan you’ve got are poorly hanging from the ceiling
matthew please mark the look on john’s face
when he act like the romans he smiles with God’s grace
now i worth more than the king in a pack of card
so when you see a nigga laughing in you better laugh him out

Background play:(Opexay) I remember times when i never shined
it was so hard to believe
out from underneath
Opexay dey here
its your boy revelation
oya lizen……
Hustle pays in a day my nigga…fally tee on the mix

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