Lyrics: Richard Brown – Muse

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Richard Brown (1st verse):
Shawty roll up and open your 3rd eye
Shawty work got me like oh my
god like he split it for you and i
red sea wanna drown in the whole night
Folake hold me down , snapchat
she roll with me i thought you knew guy
familiar faces cos the new guy
i know the ones who’ll do or die

But you got me curious when everybody digging you
you so mysterious , me jump you gat me in the mood
im in the mood that you gat me
folake no go buga mi
call me zaddy , i fit play in your box like inzaghi
she carry gele for under her waste
no one put asunder the thing that he bless cos

Bridge :
I think i want to love x6

Hook :
Would you pull up with the nigga on a wave
come here lemme double figure 8
you talk say make i blow up on the web
you talk say make i blow up on dem
Refrain : Lightskin you got me soul
dami ti dami loun
you want me let me know
you got me let it show
you 100 from head to toe

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