Lyrics: Ricqy Ultra – Seduce Me

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Your words are so soothing like the melodies of a piano
You make my heart feel naked to your gazing eyes (I swear)
With a twinkle of smile, you change my mood
With a spit of joy, you paint my heart
Lemme share a secret with you but in my bedroom

I feel so sexy, I feel so coldy
Baby hold me, I feel so lonely
I wanna be warming, my body is burning
Lift me slowly, I can’t get oldie
Let’s start something, a little bit of something
Caress my hands and touch me slowly
Lemme smell you, lemme sense you
Lemme whisper you, lemme move you
It’s so sensual, how you close that eye
It’s so sexy how you lick your lips
Put some goose pimples all over your body
I can’t stop cos you want me to go on
You so sweaty, I can feel it
So drip baby, I wanna taste it
It’s time for us to get to the issue
Lemme get a rubber ring, we might need it
The way you cry when I make love to you
The way you smile when I say I love you
The way you feel sexy when I look at you
The way your lips taste when I kiss you
Gimme a Bee-Jay, the time is Sixty-Nine
Doing the hydra, scream in ecstasy
Scratch my back and scream oh baby
Seduce me, seduce me

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