Lyrics: Ruggedman – Tough Guy (Freestyle)

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We had a tough guy here
We got a tough guy from the street
How tough are you nigga
Ok, please don’t hurt no one tonight
Too late bro
I like your wrist watch
Please don’t break no woman’s heart
I like your shoe
And I like your girl too
Give it here ***

Ok, I don’t know where to start but
Ok, I don’t know where to start but I’ll just go
I’ll just go with it
I’m feeling the beat like a slap to the face
Right now
We got death in our pockets
I’m on the fore front
I no dey follow
I’m not Cantonasian
Banger lee
Drunk like an Asian
Stagger lee

I come through like a thread through a needle
Nothing I ever done can ever be called feeble
Don’t smoke but I drink till I see dead people
Huh see dead people
I got the mic
And its on now
Tibo did the beat
And it’s on now
Do I see blood
Hell no
Gimme your knife so I can stab
Yell NO

But I’m just talking
Ruggedman coming through
You know I’m hard working
And its an ABJ thing
I’m not fat
I’m not thin
I’m just right for the ladies who know me
Ruggedman I’m coming through on this
You know me
Imma slice like shinobi

Ruggedman I beat my chest in igbo
Nna kwobi
MCs keep trying to fake me
You sleep on me
Wakie wakie
Been on the top so long
I dey generate a new top to find a place just to place me
About to go in
Scale any flow
Leave now I screw whatever
Living my life my money, add up like a calculator

Track yi da bi koto
Won ma ja si
I hit the booth and burn like acid
Chick leave me alone
You can chill in my crib
But I got my wife at home
Get in my face
Ela ojukan
Beef free bring your stoves and get your cook on
Got no time for drama
No curry for stewing
Like mortgage payments
I run up in your building

Your babe dey stalk me
Forming special Ops
Shey you be hungry rapper
It’s true you never chop
Carry my matter for your head
You better stop
Ruggedman is forever
I no go ever stop
And that’s the shit right there

Tibo made the beat
And he won’t stop right there
He got it locked down
Make una no think
Baddest producer of the year coming through
No learner sign here
He professional like that
He’s taking me back eh
Back to the future
Ruggedman coming through
I won’t loose ya…eh
Okay let me ask this stupid question
If a very short person smokes weed
Is he allowed to say he is high?

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