Lyrics: Rukus – Pound Cake Freestyle

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[Sample] Only real music’s gonna last
All that other bullshit is here today, and gone tomorrow

[Rukus] Gotta admit the scrutiny is kinda new to me,
But funny when you sick, then you develop immunity,
Conscious rapper with a positive flow,
Being honest its ironic that a diss can make me blow,
My buzz hasn’t lessened, lyrically still impressive,
Put my stamp on the game, nobody wanna address it,
I know, – ya favorite artists tweeted and got livid,
But when you got that fire, of course you will burn bridges,
Who need bridges when you fly, haters ask why,
I smoked the dopest in the game, u’d think Im the most high…
– But all praises to Jesus, forgive the non-believers, until the moment they need us,
Yeah, I got it handled, mama’s lighting me candles,
Praying her rosaries, Virgin Mary up on the mantle,
Eyes closed telling God leave my enemies trampled,
Major (US) labels are telling me send a sample…
But Not yet, some hop on jets, but then they hop on tracks like they not hot yet,
I aint took a shot yet but in VIP getting buckets,
Latest trending topic hashtag “Who is Rukus”…
Canada and Chicago for shows & a party,
Still amazed I get paid, this started off as a hobby,
up in the lobby of the W hotel,
With a chick that make u nod like “Brotha you done well”…
Trip to Dubai on a Yacht cruise with L
On a boat, wind behind me, why wouldn’t my records sail (sale)…
– Destiny will prevail,
Some of the worst make it and some of the best fail,
But Trybe has invested well, cuz I had a vision
that I’d make it to the top while both of my parents living,
Pops is 71, had a battle with cancer,
He asks when musics changing, I tell him I am the answer,
Mama says, “sell ya face, son youre handsome”,
Meet a girl – give her the world, then gimme a grandson,
so the clock ticks, that’s why every verse sick,
I’m trying to kill every rapper, I got every hearse picked,
Its like every words slick, I do more than punchlines,
You relate to my music, I can feel it touch lives,
do interviews pretend I’m irrelevant,
Afraid to stay on wax because your ego is delicate,
And others throw subliminals and never say names,
Whats a sea to an Ocean, whats ice to a flame? (Uh)
what people think and don’t care,
They rap from their heart, you’re a breath of fresh air,
– I’m from a country where nothing is earned –
Where kids are born, then corruption is learned –
Where people are payed to break every rule of respect,
Where you win an award with the size of the check,
And ya favorite pastor probly got a new jet,
Paid for by you and what the church can collect…
Where houses are bombed while our governors are gone on vacation out in Milan using money they’ve withdrawn…
And you busy hating me while the stars that you admire,
Take money, but hardly give to the people they inspire,
– I had a moment of clarity, 1st mil I get – half of it goes to charity,
And if I meet a chick that makes me wanna say marry me,
She gotta give even more than I will,
You can’t see my drive, I look like an idle (idol),
Fear no evil, Psalm 23 in the bible,
Lord is my shepherd –
Writing with no NEPA, its always been the business, the rapping is no effort,
Manuever thru the politics, –
I make my records for the kids that went to colleges,
And those that never did, but try to seek what knowledge is,
Yeah – um – Dumb rappers try to say they make money,
But I made 6 figures in 2011 dummy,
I can always go back, while these rappers always talk that crack,
But when you thru with rap, where will you get them stacks?
I tell the truth and get labeled an enemy,
These brothas making music, I’m making a legacy


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  • I love this, seriously i’ve learnt a lot from this dope rap


    charming January 3, 2016 4:09 pm

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