Lyrics: Rukus – Stay Fresh

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Trybe Records
Turn ya fresh to the loudest, ha
Turn ya fresh to the loudest, yeah

Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4] All my people,
Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4]

Yum is the brand new swerve,
Blackberry Porsche, I’m ahead of the curve,
L passed the torch, I took it – now that’s a bold statement,
Underground so long that I made my own basement,
Show me where’s the throne and I’ll show you a replacement
Right below my waist, that’s where your girl face went,
Now That’s a headline, – news is, Ruk just abuse kids,
Sound like a priest? Don’t confuse it,
Thou shall not cross me – , bossy,
Beef with these MCs then u see me flossin,
Black on black benz like I’m trying to save Gotham,
Igbo boy swag, if its money we dey talk am
Ha – So tell me who could stop’em, only one that could hurt’em,
Is Rukus, when he rehearsing, his verse in 3rd person,
– I’m feelin myself like dudes in the shower, with thoughts of Tonto
and a couple of free hours

Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4] All my people,
Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4]

See fresh is the kicks I wear – u aint got’em,
Got a brand new pair – u ain’t got’em,
Got a pair for my chickkkk – red bottoms,
We aint check prices – never red bottoms,
Never read about’em,
Competitors I leave’m dead and I don’t care about’em,
Mr. P-setter, master the P like Percy, mercy, verse be, ballin
everyday – no jersey,
Haters and fakers, yeah you need to go
You are all bakers – yeah, you need the dough,
I am fresh out the oven – got breadddd ya know
Add the cheese and the green call it garlic,
If she into Henny, I’ll make her an alcoholic
Take her back to Beni, she give me a little knowledge,
Wait a minute – that’s Brains – head – game,
put it down nice, break the bed – frame (I’m fresh)

Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4] All my people,
Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4]

Valet -, park the car on the street,
– Look – No line, I’m a star ’bout to peak,
– look – Couple chicks at the bar wanna meet,
If they don’t know me, they know Sarz on the beat,
and he’s an alien he live on Mars thru the week,
And he told me send this joint straight to Neptune,
I’ma be next soon, I be in the restroom,
taking a crap on MCs, with my next tune,
Ooooooooh – I enjoy it, flush it, destroy it,
guess that means they career down the toilet,
Wait, the toilet – sewer – sewage,
Ya chance was a candle in the wind – you blew it,
I blew up, boko, now I’m giving koko,
To two chicks that’s loco, both high as poko,
I am so cold, think that I’m freezing, –
Still got the hunger and the YUM is the reason…

Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4] All my people,
Stay Fresh, Get Money [x4]

Sarz, Get Money
K9, Get Money
Sojay, Get Money
Aramide, Get Money
eLDee, Get Money
Trybe Records, Get Money
All you haters need to, Get Money
All you haters need to, Get Money

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