Lyrics: S.O.P Xcel – Nwannem ft. Tha Suspect

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titles=SOP – Nwannem_(Ft._Tha_Suspect)]

S.O.P, S.O.P Who do this beat? (x3) if you don’t know who do this beat. (Suspect on the beat oh)
I go kill this beat (x2) make you tell them I go kill this beat.

Verse 1

I don land like chopper, from london to Naija.
Mmiri adaeshi mana obido ishi super glue go stop am.
I flow like the Niger, dem dey follow me bumper to bumper.
Wande (one day) make you ask am if she done see anaconda, anum a bia.

Nanana nanana, timba ruba raba rambara ruba roro (Nwannem)

Pre chorus
Nwannem, Nwannem, ina espendi obele ego,
Why you dey do inyanga, like say you get nnukwu ego (x2).


Verse 2
Make I stop and readjust my swag, I be dog wey no get tag
I’m wilding out on a track you can bark I will bite till my toe gets tagged.

Oya fimisile, ichoro Igna egwu jokosibe.
Anam achikwanu nka idebe iru ka ndi na ele anu’.
I’m ill bliss inspired, abeg retire your flow’s expired.
If you hate my attire, na you thunder to fire.
I only mention the best, amnesia I no no the rest.
Suspect make you no stress, bring back the chorus, F what it says.


Verse 3

Na only God I dey fear, new motor tear rubber yes.
Bad belle people dey stare, I be hunter my dear (deer)
I dey knew to the scene, boy get heat no infrared beam.
You no go see me coming but your girl go feel me cumming.

(Pre chorus then chorus)

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