Lyrics: Sam Oki – Omo Naija

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Omo Naija
Imma give you some advice dont greet with ya left oga
Unless you tryna see god by tonight
Imma tell you nigeria something that you cant break oga
And imma keep on reppin till i die
Bro I Started as a nerd
I was Rockin the same clothes
A south pole jacket aint gunna bring you hoes
It was polo or a no no, jordans or you boring
They got they stuff imported and left me feeling unimportant
But i aint trippin
Oga aint trippin
If you think i’m fallin off, you must be palm wine sipping
You tryna get all physical, heres a cup for you to pissin
Ya Career is on a rope, thats why you online dissin haan
When I hit the dance floor, ladies dance more
Spraying so much money like a call of duty amateur
I want a ghanigerian is that too much to ask for
Pretty ass face with booty that you cant handle
Tell me that aint raw
Cuz last time I heard african girls be killin em all
As if they dont go by the law uh
I’ll treat em like they pokemon
Cuz if they falling for a nigga i just wanna catch em all
Talkin all that shit, now you causing air pollution
You Skipping over the problem but you jumping to conclusions
Ya boy was always hot, even when we in the winter,
On top of my game, like we gettin a round of twister

I call first dibs there on that ghanaian chick
Hollup first dibs there on that nigerian
Eyeing with that mascara
Styling with that ankara
Can I take you home and introduce you to my papa now
Enough about the ladies
Cuz i dont wanna end up at 17 with a baby
Do you know who the hell raised me
Cuz African parents don’t play
So dont try coming back home at 12 o clock you better find somewhere else to stay
I pray I make it
I really pray I make it
They say rappin is my loss wait til i wake up las vegas
Whatchu talkin bout bro, say it to my face
My niggas be eating fufu and they’ll put you in ya place ogaa
I’ll say it once again
My niggas be eating fufu and they’ll put you in ya place
Yea we so foreign, we nothin you can relate with
Ballin off the courts, thats nothin you can debate with
And when were famous
We wont forget who had made us
Touring in the UK to performing up in lagos
Listen to the radio hoping that they can play us
While im trying out what dreams are really made of

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