Lyrics: Sammie Gravano – Naked ft. Chandon Lucas

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titles=Sammie Gravano – Naked ft Chandon Lucas (prod by Major Bangz)]

(Mogul Music)
Yea, it’s Sammie Gravano

I’ll put in the flyest shoes
Make you ride flyest whip
Hold your hand won’t let you slip
Bash the ride girl I won’t flip
Forget wedding trains. I do private planes
Destination wedding, cutting out all the haters
Forget Goldfinger. Girl Diamonds are forever
Give u a taste of heaven ‘cos I’m a hell of a lover
(I no fit shout) me ole pariwo
(I no fit shout) me ole pariwo
Girl I won’t fake it wanna make u Miguel
Let my love adorn u don’t wanna leave u naked

Verse 1:

Shey na that channel or that Gucci bag
as she fall out
like A class bus lady she too matter ehh
nne iga etiwam isi oo
with the way u be keeping your game tight ooo
and nothing compares to this metaphysical attraction in the air
girl u got my mind geared with that aura
and you’re looking kinda tight walahi
makachukwu no lie
u be A listi oo
she be day lighti oo
diamond choker like she’s breathing chris air yeaa
orekelewa baby u inspire me soo much with that attire and I jst wanna let u knw say…..

iga etiwamisi iga gbakam isi
asampete nwayioma lekwam isim oo
zoputam isim oo eya
iga etiwamisi iga gbakam isi
asampete nwayioma lekwam isim oo and enwere ihem choputara
naked oo, naked oo
your finger naked oo
me I wan put a ring on it
naked oo,naked oo
your heart e naked oo
lemme put some clothes on it

Verse 2:

This must be made my Hugo
and I’m thinking that she gotta have that
yea she gotta own that
stack em packs on packs
I double double the tins u got
‘cos I see u like fashion
your dangerously dressed with caution
I don’t want a bite I want the whole portion
and I thinking of starting a generation
oh baby
I’m. Not taking u for a ride baby
this no b Westlife, no sitting down and watching stars
so make I make I dress your finger girl (finger girl)
and I’m gonna let u dress my heart
call it our love by batter girlll


Girl I wan coloby coloby u, jidem oo,
okwa mu na gi, if them no knw,
I be ur adam u be my eve oo, belif oo,
say I doo,
make u talk I do,
girl make u talk am,
I won hear u talk am oo,
just say I doo

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