Lyrics: Santi and The Radikalz – King

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I’m the highest authority
Universal priority
Constituted majority
Undisputed, y’all can see
I vibrate on My frequency
I gyrate to a different beat
Infinite faith, finite state
No mistake
I make them see
I be the eye of light in My Kingdom
High in design
Shining My Wisdom
I am a Guide
I am the Pride
I am Divine
I get My Will done

Kilo fe so fun mi
That I don’t already know
I’m a King in My Kingdom (Oba)

First of all
Stand up straight
Get on the crate, salute to the great
I’m The Boss
Get that across
No big belly, not talking Rick Ross
First of all
Emi naa ni
Nostradamus got nothing on me
Seen it all, gave him the eyes to see
Just one word for things to be
Arrogant, you bet, yes I’m proud
Glorious, yes I lead the crowd
Favour My subjects, select the objects
Waste no time I eject the rejects
Ball straight and hard, no Stoichkov
Take my time, [silky] Berbatov
Anger me, Kalashnikov
The Most High, no cocktail Molotov

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