Lyrics: Sauce Kid – E Don Dey Madt ft. Lynxxx, M.I, 2face

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titles=E Don Dey Madt]

E don dey madt 2010, 2012
Dem still dey madt…okay (yea)
You don see homeless person wey get homework (yea)
I tire o
(2baba in the building)
You don see handicap wey dey hold hin cap for hand
(Sauce kid baba, anything dey happen)
See account…Na personality account (no shaking)
Na your cap size you
Na your cap size capsize your ship
What’s your relationship with ya cap…captain
One nne

You know
I tell you mehn
It’s like festac where we dey
Everything dey move around

E don dey
What is sinzu (e don dey madt abi)
I go by the name of lynxx
E don dey madt abi
Wetin concern okada with seatbelt
If you gbagaun for beach, shey na seashell
Person wey dey sweat talk say I am chilling
Abi you see ashawo wey dey catch feeling
You fit wear underskirt on top dress
Abi you baff up because you wan toast bread
BB pin, so jean utunu
For the record this na sinzu and lynxxx utunu

You dey madt abi
Because you piss for VI no mean you be VIP
You chop corn with your friends you talk say na conference
My friend, you are thinking with your penis you need some sense
Shey your shirt na aeroplane because e dey hanger
Throway knockout say na club banger
You mean M.I as in your father is a baga
You dey madt, you dey craze, you dey para

Ha…wetin dey happen
My guy na your eye e go sharpen
Ha, e don dey madt abi
You want to go to yaba left abi
E don dey mad

E be like e dey madt
In fact, you go soon confess
Come first wa nne
Commot for my circumference

You go like flash with private number
Or make we go ham on top burger
Shey you go like pick-pin on top stick
Or make you try use chopstick to chop stick
Imagine make your parent no pay rent
Make landlord say you dey test hin patience
You get goodluck say you get patience
Imagine goodluck without patience

Ha, what is sinzu
Dey don dey ask me since sinzu is sinzu
I even do single called sinzu is sinzu
I even do tattoo sinzu is sinzu
Dey still dey ask me: what is sinzu
E be like you dey deaf
E be like you are dumb
E be like you don dey mad since morning

Ha…wetin dey happen
My guy na your eye e go sharpen
Ha, e don dey madt abi
You want to go to yaba left abi

Ha, it’s like L.A moving
Monaco cruising, oju elegba cruising
See any how we be
See they people go look at you and you are shaking
Hey, it’s 11:45
and already you are partying
Tell me what you feel right now
My man, i can tell you are crazing
What are you even speaking
Nothing is so funny and i see you are laughing
The rest in the game is peaceful but i see you are lacking
It’s not a small thing
This is how we feeling when we lonely
We do it anyhow
With 2face and Saucekid baba
This is a gansta hopping
Anything you see, you see we hopping
Anyhow we be,, we are hipping and are hopping
And i crazy, ha wahala
Wahala dey
Dey craze now, think about it
This is freestyle from the….hey

hey hey
Here no be ghetto o, here na Naija
Rugged, beautiful, anyhow wey you wan look am
From inside Naija
But as you come come from Naija, you come dey do anyhow
E don dey madt abi

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  • Lots of mistake dear, its not “you gbagaun for beach you say na sea shell” its “you park am for beach you say na sea shell” and “you throway knockout you say na club banger” its “you throw knockout for bihigh you say na club banger” and not “you mean M.I as in your father is a baga” its “you look M.I and say your father is a baga” anyway its nice!

    darlington ugo October 3, 2012 3:58 pm
  • To be sincere naija are making hit jamz 4 real.
    1 love Africa

    Errahjay Emmanuel January 29, 2019 8:05 am

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