Lyrics: Shantell – My S.T.Y.L.E

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S.T.Y.L.E got em bitches wanting me (DJ SAMEX)
My S.T.Y.L.E yato si ti Tayo (KISS FAMILY)
Enle mi (MY STYLE)

S.T.Y.L.E got em niggaz hating me
My S.T.Y.L.E got em bitches wanting me
My S.T.Y.L.E yato si ti Tayo
Enle mi
Ele ba mi

S.T.Y.L.E You can call that ish my other name
Driving me yeah, to da hall of fame.
Moving to da next level faster.
Cuz my style is so tight like its suppose ta.
So Unheard of and Unseen.
Nothing Comprehendable Couldnt be Forseen.
I’m ah show stopper.
Straight from head to toe.
Cuz fellaz stop and stare everywhere I go.
Dem mouth dropping huh? dragging da flow.
On da conversation, they hang up da phone.
I’m that new they aint never seen before.
My style is packed up tight, yeah dats for sure.
So fresh and clean, got em shawdy after me.
Feeling up and down, yeah on me.
Cuz of My my..


On ya mark.
Get set.
Lets go.
Switch da flow.
No matter how you try, u cant stop my show.
If you aint busy tonight den we can swerve.
Shan stunner,, you jez got served.
Show groopie love.
To my groopie peeps.
In my groopie hood..
When they say I Wish, I Could.
So steady shooting for ace.
With my hoodie on and boot laced.
I know you love my style.
Cuz I break it down.
But how much do you love my style?.
Wanna get rich?.
I ma show you how.
Got Swag,, Ah got Doe.
You can say I got it all.


My S.T.Y.L.E
Oyato si ti Saki.
Bere mi lajegunle titi de Lekki.
Oruko mi ni wonki..
Shantell Shantell..
To ba mon pe,, pe mi ni Yetunde..
To ri pe motun ti de.
Oya e de mi lade.
Kokumon kokumon omo iya agba.
Moti da gba.
Ma tun do gbo.
For this game,, emi ni moni.
Kilo tukun fun awon ota mi.
Ebami bi won..
Oh I rep Kiss Family..
Baby K.I. double S ya all.
You know how we do it. Mwahh!


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Johnson Oluwadamilola Ademola popularly known as Johnbosco, in which the name Johnbosco was given to him by his tight friend, he kicked up his music career from his early age, hail from Oyan osun state, born and grew up in ilorin kwara state Nigeria in 90's.... He started his music career from his childhood as a Gospel singer but finally go into music industry fully as an RnB, Pop, Afro Pop singer in April 2010. He drop two Demo singles Tittled: MY FIRST GIRL and CALL MA NAME ft Gdeeque early 2011 for his fanz, which is banging the internet and street, Johnbosco will be coming out with his first ever album very soon Tittled "STAR BOY" so WATCH OUT...... In his music style and the way he do his things people called him Nigeria JB, Jay boy, Lover boy, Star boy, Swagger boy. This young talented Nigeria and Africa artist prefer to be seeing him as your best friend and his looking forward and dreaming that one day thy world will know him. PRAAAAAAA..

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