Lyrics: Shawn – Geez

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Hey ya’ll this is fresh out the box!
Its Mic Records baby..Aaargh!
Mic On turn the Mic on
Its your boy shawn

They know I gat the cheese
Omo ele fe ko mi je
Won fe fe mi oo
The ladies feel my ’P’
Them say my head dey there
(Won fe fe mi ooo)
Them just dey worry ♍ƺ
Them no dey let ♍ƺ breathe Olorun
Ke mi oo
I’m a ladiesman

U know my money so long
U can catch me in the condo
Chillin @ the bar, shoppin @ the mall
Mic on is the logo, mi o le pari wo
Just meet me @ d champagne room(x3)
And wen I hit the club club
Ladies show me love love
Cos everyday is a holiday
Wa ba mi je n po e le
Po e le till d early morn we’ll b grindin
Baby screamin notes so high lik a violin
I’m d king of the jungle, they want to mingle
Want chop my money ooo
They wan dey my agenda
Gather together, chop my money ooo


Oya kpano kpano kpano kpano
Somethin’s about to happen
Me and you alone, alone today(x2)
We just tryna have fun(let’s shake it off)
We can get it on baby all nite long
Shorty come, shorty go dat’s how I’m livin(x2)
And my fone kip ringing,
Girls kip callin (Won fe fara mo mi oo)

They wan dey my agenda
Gather together,
dem dey follow me like zombie oo
SeeI’m d king of the jungle, they want to mingle
Want chop my money ooo
They wan dey chop my money ooo


I’m in the airplane mode
I cant complain about the traffic
Money so clean like an HD graphic
Quit the bugaboo
Why u think I’m on the news
I’m all about the cash
U can catch me in a maybach
Switchin lanes now, haters this is decoy
Yes I’m a big boy plus I got the resource
Monstrous money make the girls go Hi
I’m so fly yes! Eyes don’t lie
Ladie want the money so they callin
On my line
Aint gat choose, I gotta use the plumbline
I can read your yes! I can read ur mind
They see me drive by and they wanna
Scream my name.


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