Lyrics: Shay E – Clapback Session

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Ouchea its lethal for a dude to be scribbling some sick bars
But i’m not scared of death tell em i’m prepared for the reaper
Already thinking I found a girl that could be a keeper
Now I just gotta talk to God ask Him if it’ll work with her

I don dey rap since omo i still dey rap
Yeah im focused on the craft but im not tryna be a star
Cos theyre gassed up, they burn up, they fall apart
I’m just tryna spread the word before my spirit depart
From this body, body tracks, yeah call it body art

Tell these females that they can like to cover their body parts
(cos true beauty transcends the way you look
never judge by the cover up until you read the book) x2

I got some new ish cooking nobody ready for the dish
still whenever i spit a verse my hommies telling me to preach!
Gotta put God first not all these goals i’m tryna reach
If the music is drug sometimes i’m feeling like a fiend

The dog days are over Florence and the machine
If im honest i dont even know what the dogs days mean
But it sounds cool im in a sound proof booth
puttting sounds together you hear all the way in your room uhn

one time for every single “dead guy”
that ignored the haters, kept fighting like a jedi
like SCD men omo we dey vex
dont assume its cos of the lens that you saw the red eye

(we dont mean mean to scare we aim to terrify
all the powers that be that said that we would never thrive)x2
they went as far as to say that we would barely survive
now we’re smashing all the obstacles when you think we’ve arrived
we push a little further i’m not headed for the skies

i’m headed for the throne room of the king who resides
in a position where the earth currently is his footstool
everbody’s smiling at me now i dont know who’s who
record labels they be asking where the views on youtube
ive been doing this for years still they call it new school

gbedu wey dey burst brain see the blood stains
looked in the eyes of my pops and saw pain
i saw regret dont wanna end up the same
that why i’ll never hold back, i promise i won’t refrain
from fighting my inhibitions, tearing down my restrains
Lord forgive me for the times that i’ve ever gone astray
Now i’m sharing the gospel of the one who got me saved
Romans 1:16 yeah im feeling unashamed

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