Lyrics: Shay E – I’m Blessed ft. Kannon

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Verse 1:

Kannon made the track and he named it guns
Spitting on mic that’s when we having fun
Men I wanna write rap till my fingers go numb
Switching up the flo up for this new song

Instead of listen to the message they search for punchlines
Writing rhymes to try to inspire these young minds
Tired of the crap they they try to feed us online
Life’s short play beat I’ll tell you ’bout mine

Pause, I’m just tryna keep it real
Talk about a God you didnt know was real
These 16 bars can’t portray how feel
RIP to the beats that I killed

Yeah! but this is not a contest
Not rapping cos I’m tryna be the best
Far from perfect still I confess
And in the end you can tell that I’m blessed


Mind going crazy you can tell that I’m stressed
Look into the sky knowing that’s just Gods test
Christ died just to clean up my mess
At the end of the day you can tell that I’m blessed

Verse 2:
Mr producer all I need is one mic
I know the world gon’ listen, its just a matter of time
Cos I’m dropping tracks, that make ’em think about they lives
Its a really thin line between wrong and right

I know… that imma be alright
Got the king by my side tryna spread light
Same old message brand new rhymes
Sounds like a broken record brand new times

I’d be tripping if said the lines mine
Sometimes the inspiration hit me when I’m tired of trying
Blessed super cool feel the chill in the spine
Tryna Paint the same old pictures, new lines

Basically I’m tryna educate you
Take time, Talk about a God who made you
I was at my wits end he still came through
When I say that I’m blessed hope its stuff you can relate to

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3 (Kannon):
Couple months after getting shot
I just think about, different reasons I should thank my God
Though I think about it, I just pray tryna stay alive
Writing rhymes, got ma palms shaking like your man’s holding dual shock

That was then now I’m tryna move past that
Walk away, hit ’em with the Tom cruise laughter
For the bass drops, and the tape stops, as d praise rocks, u could take shots, as we take it 2 d top!

Brag all day y’all know that you’re minor
Rappers fink dey funny cos dey richer prior to fact dat the raps took a long tow in dey lives
Mehn We all tryna survive
In a world, tryna hold on
To a folk song
Or a happy place
Tryna find our placeee…
As I roll through the city
With my mind kinda gritty
Words are what I gat, to express what is in me, KANNON!

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