Lyrics: Shoggy Tosh – Emujow ft. Shady Blue, Dunamis Reignz

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Hook X2 (Shady Blue)
Emujow, Emujowjow, (Dance)
Give praise to the King
Dance for Eledumare (God)
Mukulu mukeke (Dance in a jolly way)

Verse 1 (Shoggy Tosh)
The voi – voice of my loved one
Dancing on the mountains here he comes
Stepping quickly, kiakia (quickly) stepping
I to the Jow (Dance),
Lori oke lonjow (Dancing on the hills)
Kukhone tle sha lok Joolba (there is time to dance)
Ob’awon Oba to totobi l’Oba (The King of kings that is so mighty in kingship) Daughters of Shiloh come out to dance
Eyoooooodi – Ke mujow jow (Dance with your bum)
Mujowjow (Dance) give praise to his name
Mujowjow (Dance) give praise to his fame
UYesu Pezulu UYesu (Jesus Heavenly Jesus)
Unkulukulu (God) Chiki chiki chi
Aint this David who was named in their songs?
When in Dance, said one to a one
Come backe come backe
Come Shulamite I wanna sword danceee

Verse 2 (Shoggy Tosh)
I to the jow (Dance)
to the jow (Dance)
to the jow (Dance) They to the Jow
To the Jow Jow Jow
Me to the Jow
to the Jow
to the Jow
I jow they jow me jow we jow Monene –
Mujow Jow (One Dance)
Moleji Iyanu (Two Wonderful)
Etangba (Three) Counsellor
Erin Olorun Alagbara (Four Mighty God)
Arunrun Mujow jow (Five Dance)
Efa Babaiyeraiye (Six Everlasting Father)
Ejeje mujowjow (Seven Dance)
Ejo Omo `de Alafia (Eight Prince of Peace)
Fear goes dancing before Him
Dafidi njo O nfo O njo (David is dancing, jumping, dancing)
Give Him Praise with a banjo and a jow (Dance)
Brass, Horns, Cords and Joww (Dance) and a Joww (Dance)

Verse 3 (Dunamis Reignz)
Lose mi now no hold on pon mi hand.
Mek mi dance to Jesus and worship wíth this song.
Emujow through mi situation.
Dance to the king yea the conquering lion. Move to the left and stop, To the right now clap.
When mi send up mi praise to the King,
the enemy must drop.
Wid mi dance me a launch an attack kingdom a darkness flat. Everybody inna the place right now
Mukulu praise none stop.
Do the 2 step now,
Willy bounce to the flow.
When wi send up we praise to the King everybody knows how it goes, come.

Bridge (Shady Blue)
Baba Olorun mowa dupe (Father in heaven, i bring thanksgiving)
Eseun Eseun (Thank you thank you)
Iyanu loruko yin (Your name is wonderful)
Eseun Eseun (Thank you thank you)
Yago lona boo ba le jo (Get outta the way if you can’t dance)
Eseun Eseun (Thank you thank you)
Cant stop dancing, I cant stop dancing
Eseun Eseun (Thank you thank you)
Mukulu Mukeke (eMUJOW, eMUJOW)
Mukulu mukulu mukeke (eMUJOW)
Mukulu Mukeke (eMUJOW, eMUJOW)
Mukulu mukulu mukeke (eMUJOW)

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