Lyrics: Sholfy – Know Nothing

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Huh oh yeah…
“Luthin records”

Taleen on the beat. (Yeah…

Verse 1
Yeah, they call me sholfy money cream bad boy
Oya oya jeka mon le
Love the way you lOok, sexy pretty lady
Lemme know ya, that biggy bum bum

Oya move ya body,
Gat me jumping up and around girl you drive me crazy
I say move your body.. way you move your body girl come dey jump around me

Girl you know oh yeah
That you know you so so beautiful
I say you know oh……

“Don’t let them play you”

You make me wanna go down and beg….
But I no know nothing 2x

You make me wanna go down and beg
But I no know nothing 2x

Verse 2
Hold it down.
I like the way you own it
Her gucci leg
You are good like kpoli
Yeah shawdy show it (and control it)
Foreign gangsta (imma boss)

Girl you know you too too fine and you know you know ..
And I feel ur body, girl u know you know you know..

Girl you too fine…
You make me wanna go, Oh oh…
You too fine.. You make me wanna (echo and delay)

(Repeat Chorus/hook)

(Repeat bridge)


Ahh she make me wanna go down
Ahhh… She make me wanna go down
Oh ooh.. Ahh
She make me wanna beg her

Young D on the mix

#radio mix

(Repeat Chorus/hook)

Till fade with instrumental

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