Lyrics: Siji – Lagos Lullabye

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Danfo tires screeching
Okada rider bleeding
Area boys stand by watching
Another scene in Lagos

Bus packed full to bursting
Go slow lines unending
“Repent or die”, someone’s screaming
On the bus to Lagos

Mosquito sirens are wailing
On my blood they’re feeding
Generator noise never ceases
Sleepless nights in Lagos

YOU’d Better watch your back, hold your nerve – (dem dey come)
They’re gonna stop ‘n search you for a buck – (comot for car)
Chop and quench, look and laugh – (chop and quench)
Chase those dreams, don’t you fuss – (adjust yourself)
YOU better climb that bridge to beat that rush – (go slow time)
Stare and stare but don’t you touch – (comot your eye)
Talk the talk and swagger your strut – (swagger your waka)
Here in Lagos town

The twilight calls to prayer
On my soul so soothing
Count me worthy, make me strong to last yet
Another day in Lagos

My sister’s broke and scheming
Their big fat nyashes swinging
Another Gucci bag needs filling
She’s breaking hearts in Lagos

Big men standing tall and oppressing
On the streets of Lagos
Holy Rollers preaching and a singing
On the streets of Lagos
Everybody’s hustling to survive
Yet another day in Lagos

Someone take me to Lagos ….

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  • Beautiful I fell I love with this song. I have an inside track on what Lagos is about. Thank you Siji.

    Jameela Rahman June 28, 2016 9:05 am

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