Lyrics: Sinzu – Exit Strategy [Godwon Diss]

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I don’t give a fuck what you think about me…no o
As long as I’m out here still getting money…o o
Hear my name?
On the streets?
My name is on the streets
My name is my name

Before before we be friends cool
But now i no send you
I no know who send you
But na me go end you
Shebi you don dey fumble
Continue dey form boss
Right now i no send you
So na me go end you
Came with a single i featured on, that’s a hand out
Now you dissing nigga who put you on man down
You disloyal ungrateful son of a bitch
All the attention you getting but yet you still don’t exist
Catch you after dark at the park on one hundred and sixth
I’m realler than real
I’m really real as it gets
Left the industry, I’ve being in the streets ever since
Wasn’t making no dollars, I had to use common sense
Everybody gon pay now to see me get wild
My time cost money all you do is freestyle
I’m on a money chase mehn
I’ve being running the streets
But bad belle people steady be coming with beefs
When you was out here i swear you wasn’t doing shit
Your career is in my rear view and you just ruined it
Talking too much money but dawg I’m really doing it
That song was already a hit without you in it…true
Be like something dey chop on top your head nicca
I don’t even know why I’m replying dead niggas…i don’t know
You aint made money since 2006
You might as well be dead but I’m alive as it gets nigga

Anything you could do
I could do better…omo na fact
I can do anything better than you….standard

My real Hennessy gat me feeling myself
Gucci Gucci I’m too G like I’m chase on my belt
Sinzu is Sinzu I mean nigga be yourself
Your mixtape no dey sell
That shit just sit on a shelf
You selfish
I know you recorded it for yourself
You tried to get couple of features nobody wanted to help
And now it’s like you just against yourself and the rest
It’s like you in a game but you playing against the ref
It’s like you not good enough but you going against the vet
And everybody know that I’m the best real nicca
Na so so gym, he dey gym
He say I’m working out
But all these your so called workout aint working out
Big ass alcoholic
Every time you vomit, your mouth is in the toilet
Which means your mouth flows against some shit
Who the fuck is you to call a nigga bitch, little bitch
You don’t get paid to perform, all your shows free
You no dey pay for anything na so so osho free
If you wrote a cheque now i bet that shit would bounce
If you come to VIP ,I’ll get this nigga bounced
I don’t fuck with goddy so this nigga gat to bounce
You can’t afford a dove sack and we just smoked an ounce
He gon come to VIP and try to drink the Henny
He aint gonna buy weed but he gon smoke it if he see me….i know mehn
I know niggas that know him, they say he Henny’d up….fuck it
But i don’t give a fuck i i see him i’ll ante up
Nigga fuck the bitch dog, the street shit is in me…true
You diss me but this’s just the beginning….as in
Nicca you aint ready for this shit…as in
You aint bout the life you talking….as in
You aint bout the shit you talking….as in
I’m really on the streets
Houston….as in
I’m out there getting it
You can’t do nothing, yo never

Anything you can be, I can be greater…true
Sooner or later I’d be greater than you…sike…sike

I’m already greater than you
Got more fans, more followers, more haters than you
I gat more hustle, more guts and more paper than you
If you aint happy fora nigga, that’s a hater in you
You little bitch
The only excuse for not being a father to your kids
Is being dead or being behind bars doing a ***
You can’t afford to play daddy and that’s just disgraceful
You the type that let your daughter grow up and say she hates you
Who you calling bitch?
Bitch ass nigga…who?
Me bitch, you wish
Oh rich ass nigga
You gat the nerve to call me a bomb ass nigga
Between us it’s obvious who’s the dumb ass niggas
Nigga what you talking about
You can’t tell me nothing
You aint getting money
So all you doing is bluffing…ehn
Nigga what you talking about…what?
You can’t tell me nothing….ehn
You aint getting money
So all you doing is bluffing

I don’t give a fuck what you think about me…no o
As long as I’m out there still getting money…o o
I don’t give a fuck what you think about me….no o
As long as I’m out there still getting money

Quit the talk…shit
And i aint with the fuck shit
All you do is talk shit
When i see you, you wouldn’t do shit
Keep working out
I hope it works out
Punk ass nigga
Got the nerve to call me a bitch
Are you serious?
Nicca what you talking about
Nigga you the bitch
You the one who left your family out in America
Left your girl out with 3 kids to suffer out here and get hungry
Little punk ass nigga
I’m out here taking care of my kids
Being responsible
Getting money out here in the streets
While you over there trying to be some kind of fucking superstar bitch….dummy
Yea i said it nigga
Think about it nigga
All you dead be fathers out there nigga, fuck you all nigga
One hundred

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    Continue dey fumble)
    Shebi you don dey fumble
    **Continue dey form boss

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