Lyrics: Skales – My Baby

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titles=Skales – My Baby]

Sarz on the Beat
Body of a Goddess
Mind of a hustler
You bring the heat with your hotness
I want to be your customer
I wonder what was God thinking when he chose to make you
You deserve your own gallery or a perfect piece of art
No wonder these girls hate you

Everywhere you go you dey cause big go slow
You dey cause go slow (go slow)
Every guy you jam dem go wan follow you go (dem wan follow you go)

I see you grinding from afar
And girl you got me questioning I’m asking who you are (x2)
Oya dance my baby baby baby
Dance my baby baby baby
Dance my baby baby baby
Dance my baby

Everything you do drives me crazy
Omoge wa ja soro
Me and you for koro
Cos I can’t get you out of my mind
I wonder why, why I can’t let you go



Ke ce ke ce a zuciya na
Forever and ever soya yya na
Ke ce ke ce a zu ciya na
Forever and ever soya yya na


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  • i dnt av much 2say.i gnna say is dat…..we shuld mett on twitter@pizzarorapheal.luv u so much dance my baby

    raphealpizzaro February 14, 2013 5:17 pm
  • I believe in Skales bcos dis broda jst started de way am coming up nw & I personal believe dat God z lifting him 2 de higher level in lyf & also pray dat my parent will c & realise de God given talent I had, & de love of Hip pop, Rapz,R & b & 4 de heaters I de hail oooo…………lol 2cee.

    Dirichukwu Nino April 12, 2014 7:01 pm

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