Lyrics: SKD – Ekungbadu

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titles=SKD – Ekungbadu _]

Chorus 2x
I am out to have fun – Ekugbadu
Enjoy My Life
Make we have fun – Ekungbadu
Tonight is the night

Verse 1
Tonight is the night
We gonna party all night
I am feeling right
The girls looking tight
You guessed right
They rocking no rooky
Drinks flowing
Is gonna be a long night
Sex in the air
But, no be red light
To my delight
We gonna party till daylight
No respite – another pint make I ignite
Make I shine my eye’s like stoplight
I am topflight for sure
We no dey fall
All we do is ball
No fighting – no brawl
Exhibit my skills on the dace floor
Till night fall like I had a windfall
Bouncing from wall to wall
Blame it on the alcohol – no a wall
Drink some more of course

Verse 2
The rule of thumb
Na to have fun
DJ playing the right the right song
All night long sing along
Single or couple
Go with the temple
Mingle and wiggle your buddy
Such a cuthy – show me your originality
Move your feet to the beat
You had a busy week
Have a drink is the weekend
With money to spend
Girls looking descent make a new friend
Is the weekend
Make we transcend
No dey pretend here to spend
Keep the drinks flowing like bartend
Party to the end my money long
Never outspend any party we attend
Girls wanna blend
We never expend or downtrend
Stay uptrend to the end

Verse 3
There is a time and place for everything
Right now is about that time
To have a good time party time
I grind hard so I party harder never stagger
Winter or summer no wahala
No mistakes no blunder
Boys don hammer
Party like a rap star
Make we kick am like soccer
Top star – VIP five star player
Go with the melody
Give me some more
Shake your tail feather
Here to have fun so let’s get it on
Until the crack of dawn
Don’t be shy
Make you dirty your eye
There is enough booze
Make you grove
Dance until your shoes dey pain you
Even if you came alone
Make them know
Don’t hold back back knock the drinks back

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